Academic Boycott

BRICUP urges all academics to sign the Academic Commitment in response to the call by Palestinian civil society organisations to refrain from any involvement with Israeli academic institutions, all of which are complicit in Israel’s occupation, colonisation and system of apartheid.

Two common misconceptions need to be exposed. Firstly, the boycott is of institutions not of individuals (unless the individual has a role supportive of Israeli Apatheid). The other is that what distinguishes Israeli Apartheid from the many other injustices in the world is not just the illegality and brutuality of Israeli policy, and the failure of our government to fulfill its obligations under international law, but also the fact that the victims are asking us by a large majority to boycott.

Sign the Academic Commitment here.


To learn more about the case for boycott, our booklet, Why Boycott Israeli Universities, is available for download here: BRICUP booklet