BRICUP’s Mission

BRICUP is an organisation of UK based academics, set up in response to the Palestinian Call for Academic Boycott. Its twin missions are:

  1. to support Palestinian universities, staff and students, and
  2. to oppose the continued illegal Israeli occupation of Palestinian lands with its concomitant breaches of international conventions of human rights, its refusal to accept UN resolutions or rulings of the International Court, and its persistent suppression of Palestinian academic freedoms

In support of this call for a boycott, BRICUP will:

    1. Continue to pressure the UK government to exclude Israel from joint academic and scientific activity.
    2. Develop a policy which encourages individual academics to break their professional links with Israel by such actions as:
      • Refusing research collaborations with Israeli institutions or to referee papers or grant applications issuing from such institutions
      • Refusing to attend academic conferences in Israel
      • Supporting Israeli academic colleagues working with Palestinian colleagues in their demand for self-determination and academic freedom                                                                                                     (A complete description of the Academic Commitment and a sign-up form can be found here)
    3. Work within our trades unions and professional organisations in support of such actions
    4. Explore forms of support for Palestinian academic colleagues.