Artists for Palestine UK (APUK), BRICUP’s sister organisation, has gathered over 1,000 British artists including Academy and Bafta award winners to join in the call for an immediate ceasefire and an end to the silencing of Palestinian voices. Their list of incidents, in Britain and abroad, where Palestinians and their works of art have been suppressed is long and disturbing. You can read their letter here.

To the Arts and Culture Sector,

We write to you as artists and cultural workers united in our commitment to justice, dignity, freedom, and equality for all people in Israel / Palestine. We hold every life to be precious, and we grieve every death. 

The scale of violence unfolding in Gaza demands our collective attention and action. 

Members of Israel’s far-right government are openly calling for ethnic cleansing. 

The use of starvation as a weapon of war, along with denial of water and electricity, is cruel beyond words. 

The wholesale destruction of civilian infrastructure, the bombing of hospitals, schools, churches and mosques, the killing of 14,500  people in a matter of weeks, amount to a policy of collective punishment against the Palestinian people. The United Nations and hundreds of legal scolars have called on the international community to prevent genocide.

As artists, we cannot remain silent in the face of such egregious violations of international humanitarian law.

While catastrophe unfolds, we have observed a glaring absence of statements of solidarity with Palestinian people from most UK arts organisations.

We find it deeply troubling and, frankly, indicative of a disturbing double standard that expressions of solidarity, which have been readily offered to other peoples facing brutal oppression, have not been extended to Palestinians. 

Such a discrepancy raises serious questions about bias in the response to grave human rights violations.

Far from supporting our calls for an end to the violence, many cultural institutions in Western countries are systematically repressing, silencing and stigmatising Palestinian voices and perspectives. This includes targeting and threatening the livelihoods of artists and arts workers who express solidarity with Palestinians, as well as cancelling performancesscreeningstalksexhibitions and book launches.

Despite this pressure, artists in their thousands are following their conscience and continuing to speak out. Freedom of expression, as enshrined in the Human Rights Act and the European Convention of Human Rights is the backbone of our creative lives, and fundamental to democracy. We remind cultural organisations and their funders of their obligation to uphold the right to freedom of expression and to uphold their commitment to anti-discrimination.

As artists and cultural workers, we stand in solidarity with those facing threats and intimidation in the workplace. The arts sector must urgently align its actions with its stated values of justice and inclusivity, and to refuse the dehumanisation of Palestinian people.

We call upon the arts and culture sector to:

– Publicly demand a permanent ceasefire.
– Promote and amplify the voices of Palestinian artists, writers, and thinkers.
– Stand up for artists and workers who voice their support for Palestinian rights.
– Refuse collaborations with institutions or bodies that are complicit in severe human rights violations.

To stay silent in the face of mass injustice and worsening humanitarian crisis would be an abrogation of moral duty. To actively silence the principled artists and workers who do fulfil this responsibility is a failure to meet legal obligations on freedom of expression and anti-discrimination. Many artists are refusing to work with institutions that fail to meet these basic obligations.

The struggle for freedom from racism for Palestinians and Jews is one of collective liberation. We refuse to pit one community against the other, and stand firmly against all forms of racism including Islamophobia and antisemitism.

In the spirit of justice, equality, and the shared values of the arts, we urge you to take a principled stance. 


Ai Weiwei speaks out on cancellation of his London exhibition, November

Filmmakers withdraw their work from IDFA amid response to Palestine conflict, November

‘In the last four weeks language has deserted me’: Adania Shibli on being shut down, October/November

Kunsthalle Basel Names New Director, Then Faces Threats to Funding Because He Signed Gaza Ceasefire Letters, November

Wealthy art collectors discuss blacklisting UK artist following pro-Palestine posts, leaked messages show

Artforum fires its editor after wealthy art patron Martin Eisenberg’s behind-the-scenes push. The magazine had published a letter signed by 8000 artists. Artists’ livelihoods were threatended unless they withdrew from the letter.

Bristol’s Arnolfini cancels film, discussion and poetry events as part of Bristol Palestine Film Festival
Arnolfini statement:

Series of 8 film programmes cancelled for 2024 Oberhausen Kurtzfilmtage, the world’s oldest short film festival, as festival director makes allegations about an Arab contributor, November

Historian criticises ‘spineless’ cancellation of Israel lecture, Liverpool, October

Folkwang Museum, Essen, cancels Afrofuturism exhibition after curator posts on Instagram about Israel-Palestine, November

Israel-Gaza war leads to a raft of event cancellations in Europe, October

Over 2000 poets and writers are boycotting the Poetry Foundation (US) after they pull a book review, November

The Firing of David Velasco From ‘Artforum’ Sparks a Series of Resignations and Boycott, October

German museum cancels Candice Breitz’s solo show over her views

Politicians cut funding to Oyoun, a ‘Queer, feminist, migrant and decolonial’ cultural centre in Berlin, after it held an event with pro-Palestinian group Jewish Voice for Peace, titled ‘mourning and hope’, November.

Melissa Barrera Dropped From ‘Scream VII’ After Social Media Posts on Gaza, November

Peter Weiss Literature Prize announces award to Sharon Dodua Otoo, then suspends the award. November

United Nations statement: “Speaking out on Gaza/Israel must be allowed”, November


Nesreen Hussein Academic, artist
Sarah Lloyd Academic, visual culture
siobhán mcsweeney Actor
Lolly Adefope Actor
Oluwasanya Stefan Adegbola Actor
Ramanique Ahluwalia Actor
Salman Akhtar Actor
Issam Al Ghussain Actor
Lisa Ambalavanar Actor
Saleh Bakri Actor
Patrick Baladi Actor
Lori Barker Actor
James Baxter Actor
Dali Benssalah Actor
Diana Bermudez Actor
Eleanor Blackburn Actor
Niall Buggy Actor
Rhonwen Cash Actor
Olivia Colman Actor
Nicola Coughlan Actor
Paola Dionisotti actor
Paapa Essiedu Actor
So Far Actor
Roxana Faridany Actor
Jonathan Foy Actor
Breanne Francis-Irwin Actor
Poppy Gilbert Actor
Karan Gill Actor
Kerry Godliman Actor
Pauline Goldsmith Actor
Drew Gregg Actor
Lucas Hare Actor
Louisa Harland Actor
Aiysha Hart Actor
Zachary Hing Actor
Chris Hoskins Actor
Rebecca Humphries Actor
iulia isar Actor
Hassan Issa Actor
Olive James Actor
Hayat Kamille Actor
Priya Kansara Actor
Youssef Kerkour Actor
Sair Khan Actor
Shazia Khawaja Actor
Rania Kurdi Actor
Georgia Landers Actor
Alex Lawther Actor
Pearl Mackie Actor
Paul Mallon Actor
Chloe Massey Actor
Nuala McGowan Actor
Tobias Menzies Actor
Leila Mimmack Actor
Patrick Neville actor
Fionn Ó Loingsigh Actor
Róisín O’Loughlin Actor
Sarah O’Toole Actor
Ényì Okoronkwo Actor
Mark Oosterveen Actor
Yasemin Ozdemir Actor
Laura Percival Actor
Clare Perkins Actor
Lukas Prentice Actor
Meena Rayann Actor
Adrian Richards Actor
Sadieh Rifai Actor
Joshua Riley Actor
Sule Rimi Actor
Arinder Sadhra Actor
Sarah Sarah Thurstan Actor
Wilf Scolding Actor
Varada Sethu Actor
Anna Shaffer Actor
Gabrielle Sheppard Actor
Balvinder Sopal Actor
Juliet Stevenson Actor
Emily Stott Actor
Constantin Symsiris Actor
Ellora Torchia Actor
Joanna van Kampen Actor
Harriet Walter Actor
Fionn Walton Actor
Nadine Wiggins Actor
Milly Zero Actor
Sonera Angel Actor
Naomi Battrick Actor
Giovanni Bienne Actor
Alice Bounsall Actor
Selma Brook Actor
Bessie Carter Actor
Lizzie Clarke Actor
Jack Colgrave Hirst Actor
Hannah Conyers Actor
Ian Crosson Actor
Aaron Doyle-Heffernan Actor
Amir El-Masry Actor
Alexandra Guelff Actor
Leila Herandi Actor
Peter Hill Actor
Halema Hussain Actor
Gwyneth Keyworth Actor
Asif Khan Actor
Aizah Khan Actor
Ruth Lass Actor
Vicky Lima Actor
Joel MacCormack Actor
Andrei Maniata Actor
Kayla Meikle Actor
Kevin Mesiti Actor
Louisa Mignone Actor
Yassine Mkhichen Actor
Anna Munden Actor
Mohamed Omar Actor
Sam Phillips Actor
Katie Relins Actor
Tom Rooke Actor
Lara Sawalha Actor
elaine Stirrat Actor
Stacy Thunes Actor
Andre Valls Actor
Harriet Walter Actor
Aimee Wood Actor
Karen Traynor Actor / Director
David Mumeni Actor / Writer
Nikhil Parmar actor / writer
Riya Rajeev Actor / writer
Isabel Ebeid Actor & Model
Lucy Pinder Actor & model
Rachel-Leah Hosker Actor & Movement Director
Laila Alj Actor & Producer
Mohammedally Shushtari Actor & Writer
Chris York Actor & Writer
Timothy Renouf Actor & Writer
Josefin Ankarberg Actor and Director
Nadia Nadif Actor and film maker
Colette Dalal Tchantcho Actor and Theatre Maker
Waleed Elgadi Actor and writer
Waleed Elgadi Actor and Writer
John Graham Davies Actor and writer
Houmi Miura Actor and writer
Sarah Agha Actor and writer
Maxine Peake Actor and Writer
Lucy Sheen Actor writer director
Thusitha Jayasundera Actor writer film maker
Nabil Shaban actor, artist, poet, musician, filmmaker
Madeline Morales Actor, Content Creator
Michael Malarkey Actor, Musician
Madeleine Hyland Actor, musician, writer
Tayo Aluko Actor, writer
Nadine Malarkey Actor, writer
Sue McCormick Actor, Writer
Elle Osili-Wood Actor, Writer
Joanne Thomson Actor, Writer
Rhiannon Neads Actor, writer
Liam Hourican Actor, Writer, Director
Robert Gilbert Actor, Writer, Director
Matthew Zajac Actor, Writer, Theatre Director
Adeeb Safadi Actor. Filmmaker
Susan Wokoma Actor. Writer. Director
Chris Garner Actor/director/creator
Jennifer Lim Actor/Filmmaker
Manjinder Virk Actor/Filmmaker
frank campbell actor/muscian
David Gyasi Actor/Producer
Tam Dean Burn Actor/theatremaker
Andy de la Tour actor/writer
Jade Franks Actor/Writer
Katherine Newman Actor/writer
Noof Ousellam Actor/Writer
Saher Shah Actor/writer
Karla Marie Sweet Actor/Writer
Susan Wooldridge Actor/writer
Reda Elazouar Actor/Writer
Maryam Garad Actor/writer
Nuna . Actress
Lotte Andriessen Actress
Myanna Buring Actress
Anna Carteret Actress
Sarah Collier Actress
Afsaneh Dehrouyeh Actress
Janet Henfrey actress
Theresa Hoffmann Actress
Deborah Maclaren Actress
Sara Masry Actress
Shalini Peiris Actress
Sama Rantisi Actress
Tomi Sunmonu Actress
Rose Williams Actress
Sky Hasan Actress
Zainab Hasan Actress
Rebecca Osias Actress & Writer
Kathryn Anderson Actress and Writer
Yasmine Al Massri Actress, dancer, video artist
Kirsty Bushell Actress, Writer, Director
Cecily Hobbs actress/writer
Florence Collenette Admin
Davina Shah Agent
Gabriella Capisani Agent
Helen Woolston Animation filmmaker
Ebrahim Bahaa-Eldin Anthropologist and Photographer
Jonathan Arndell Architect
Duncan Gunn Architect
Blqees Zuhair Architect
Sophie Chapman art
Hannah Ellul Art
Halim Ramses Art
Res Res Art
Ruth Sacks Art
Jack Strange Art
Jina Valentine Art
Sabah Ennaifar Art and cultural projects manager
Rahel Aima art critic
Fernanda Munhoz barth Artisan
Matthew Meadows Artist
Omar Adel Artist
Franziska Aigner Artist
Hiba Alansari Artist
Amanoth Amir Artist
sholeh asgary artist
Mina Azar Artist
Fi Bailey Artist
Anna Barham artist
Shiraz Bayjoo Artist
Afreda Benge Artist
Andrew Buglass Artist
Georgia Clark Artist
The Vacuum Cleaner Artist
Barbara Corr artist
Molly Crabapple Artist
Tom Crawford Artist
Zeyad Dajani Artist
Andrew Darke artist
Fiona Edwards Artist
Jackie Ellcock Artist
Katarina Elvén Artist
Amaani Farah Artist
Nooshin Farhid Artist
Amy Feneck artist
Gouldian Finch Artist
Poppy Flint Artist
Luke Fowler artist
Yolanta Gawlik artist
Chris Gill Artist
Lola Gillies-Creasey Artist
Leah Gipson artist
Annie Goh Artist
Michael Graf Artist
Holly Graham Artist
Athene Greig Artist
Vivienne Griffin Artist
Dave Griffiths Artist
Patrizia Grilli Artist
Anisha Grover artist
Logi Leó Gunnarsson Artist
Ratna Gupta Artist
Celia Hempton Artist
Winnie Herbstein Artist
Harriet Hill Artist
John Hodge Artist
catherine hoffmann artist
Deborah-Joyce Holman Artist
Taey Iohe Artist
Vanessa Jackson Artist
Rehana Jaffer artist
Michelle Lee Johnson Artist
Nick Jordan Artist
Helene Kazan Artist
John Keane Artist
Fen Kerrison artist
Silvia Kolbowski Artist
Shivanjani Lal Artist
Yoojin Lee Artist
Annie Lee Artist
Simon Liddiment Artist
Sasha Litvintseva artist
Katherine Liu Artist
Rachel Lowther artist
tala lulu artist
Calum MacFarlane-Barrow artist
Lorna Macintyre Artist
Una Björg Magnúsdóttir artist
Paul Maheke Artist
Mara Marques Artist
Rachel McBrinn artist
James McLardy Artist
Holly McLean Artist
Liam Mercer Artist
Fatima Mian Artist
Jennifer Milarski-Stermsek Artist
Russell Mills Artist
Francesca Mollett artist
Niamh Moloney Artist
Robert Moon Artist
sara naim artist
Shii Nakajima artist
Rosalind Nashashibi Artist
Judy Neunuebel artist
Paul Noble Artist
Anisa Nuh-Ali Artist
Flannery O’Kafka artist
Sean Orr Artist
Meera Shakti Osborne Artist
Belladonna Paloma Artist
Florence Peake Artist
Eddie Peake Artist
Jason Pearce Artist
Imran Perretta Artist
Cat Phillipps Artist
Sadia Pineda Hameed Artist
Madeleine Pledge artist
Richard Porter Artist
Tabitha Powles Artist
Samantha Rebello Artist
Vinzenz Reinecke artist
Elizabeth Romeril Artist
Pascal Rousson Artist
Leomi Sadler artist
Larissa Sansour Artist
Barry Sarwar Artist
Tanoa Sasraku Artist
Julie Shackson Artist
Katie Shannon Artist
Lottie Smith Artist
Rizik Souty Artist
P Staff Artist
Georgina Starr Artist
Corin Sworn Artist
Niklas Taleb artist
Chooc Ly Tan Artist
Nadia Tehran Artist
Elisabeth Tomlinson Artist
Susan Trangmar Artist
Vanessa Vasic-Janekovic artist
yael villafranca artist
Monika Walendziak artist
Cathy Ward Artist
Daphna Westerman Artist
Zoe Williams artist
Nathan Witt artist
Rehana Zaman Artist
Sop . Artist
Nagham A Assaf Artist
Sam Ayre Artist
Lorella Bianco Artist
Alicia Bruce Artist
Holly Casio Artist
Jo Coates Artist
Anka Dabrowska Artist
Sean Edwards Artist
China Fish Artist
Rebecca Gould Artist
Igor Grubic Artist
Barkosina Hanusova Artist
Georgina Haq Artist
India Harvey Artist
Jessica Jessica Timmis Artist
Frederick Kannemeyer Artist
Shaheen Kasmani Artist
Behzad Khosravi noori Artist
Matthew Kolakowski Artist
Despo Magoni Artist
Nina Mhach Durban Artist
Hardeep Pandhal Artist
Yuri Pattison artist
Aniela Piasecka Artist
Hilary Powell Artist
Judy Rabinowitz Price Artist
Holly Slingsby Artist
Cherry Styles Artist
David Sylvian Artist
Liz Wewiora Artist
Naomi Zaboub Artist
Deryk Houston Artist
Lucy Parker Artist – filmmaker
Subash Thebe Limbu artist (multidisciplinary)
Latir Thakur Artist (music)
Steve Cox Artist (Painter)
Jennifer Conway Artist / designer
Katriona Beales Artist & Artists’ Union England founding member
Rebecca Maria Goldschmidt Artist & cultural worker
Bean Bean Artist & Curator
S Kasmani Artist & curator
Kelly O’Brien Artist & Educator
Aisling Gallagher Artist & theatre director
Barby Asante Artist & Writer
Hasadri Freeman Artist & writer
Pear Nuallak Artist & writer
Tenaya Steed Artist & writer
Cathy Wade Artist + Academic
mitra tabrizian artist and film maker
Holly Antrum artist and filmmaker
Sarah Beddington Artist and filmmaker
Beatrice Gibson Artist and Filmmaker
Nanna Maria Wibholm Artist and filmmaker
Duncan Marquiss Artist and musician
Niamh Riordan artist and producer
Natalie Marr Artist and researcher
Oliver Beck Artist and writer
Michael Szpakowski artist and writer
Bidisha Mamata Artist and writer
Rhona Paterson Artist and writer
Karis Upton Artist and Youth Therapeutic Worker
Polly Brant Artist educator
Mars da Silva Saude artist filmmaker
John Smith Artist filmmaker
Jacob Cartwright Artist filmmaker
Imwen Eke Artist Game Designer
Linda Maitland Artist Manager
Chris Somes-Charlton Artist manager
Hira Butt Artist Visual Artist
Melania Pahome artist-curator
Sarah Khan Artist-Filmmaker
Nine Fumi Yamamoto-Masson artist-researcher
Natalie Mitchell Artist, Art psychotherapist
Eve Stainton Artist, choreographer
Tinne Zenner Artist, filmmaker and programmer
Daniella Valz Gen artist, poet and educator
B Pang Artist, Publisher
Rebecca Sainsot-Reynolds Artist, Researcher, Educator
Hamja Ahsan Artist, writer
Susan Kelly Artist, writer
Ashokkumar Mistry Artist, writer
Hestia Peppe artist, writer
Reza Tavakol Artist, Writer
Xenia Tran Artist, Writer and Photographer
Gregory Sholette Artist, Writer, Educator, Activist
Bo Mandeville Artist, writer, filmmaker
Laura Cugusi artist, writer, multimedia
María Chávez Artist/ DJ
Filippo Bianchi Artist/ filmmaker
Shaista Chishty Artist/ Researcher
Alison Scott Artist/ writer/ artsworker
David Bellamy Artist/author
Jessy Young Artist/Designer
Naira Mushtaq Artist/Educator
N Hussein Artist/Photographer
Sadia Sikandar Artist/photographer
Abi Palmer Artist/Writer
Sophie Hoyle Artist/writer/filmmaker
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Riham Moussa Audio Producer
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Guy Mannes-Abbott Author and critic
Tansy Hoskins Author and journalist
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Leo Fox cartoonist and painter
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Abhaya Sethu Casting
Naomi Jalil Casting Associate
Shaheen Baig Casting Director
Sarah Harkins Casting Director
Beatrice Ray Casting Director
Tanya Singh Charity
Judith Harry Chief Executive
Frances Bernstein Choir leader
Caitlin Barnett Choreographer
Mohsen Alabdallah Choreographer dancer
Ahmed Hamdi Cinematographer
Mark Khalife Cinematographer
Ria Ashcroft Circus / Theatre maker
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Kate Askins Comedian
Mairead Doyle-Heffernan Comedian
Isabelle Farah Comedian
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Nadia Said Comedian
Deborah Frances-White Comedian & writer
Alexei Sayle Comedian, writer, broadcaster
Louise Brodie Community Artist
Benjamin Smith Company Stage Manager
Nicolas Baviere composer
Frank Ekeberg Composer
John Kameel Farah Composer
Jakob Glans Composer
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Ben Lunn Composer
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An-Ting Chang Composer and multidisciplinary artist
Chantale Laplante composer-sound artist
Arash Yazdani composer, conductor, curator
Ergo Phizmiz Composer, Writer, Artist
tim hodgkinson composer/musician
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Lane Dombois composer/playwright
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Yasmin Khan Curator
Rahila Haque Curator and writer
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Hazel Dunn Illustrator and Graphic Artist
Chioma Opara Illustrator and Storyboard Artist
Lauryn Dunn Illustrator, art handler
Rosa Thorlby Illustrator/writer/artist
Mary Ann DeVlieg Independent arts consultant
Ramona Jones Influencer
Lina Lazaar Institution director
bill daggs interdisciplinary artist
Adi Liraz Interdisciplinary artist
Bárbara Wagner journalist, filmmaker
Victoria Brittain Journalist, writer
Nicholas Brown Librarian and Researcher
Paule Constable Lighting Designer
performing borders live art research platform
Charlotte Procter LUX
Liam Creature Maker
robert del naja Massive Attack
Robin Parmar media artist
Amy Rodriguez metalsmith/sculptor/jeweller
Ruth Margarida Grego Vieira Mixed media
Sara Bernal Mixed Media Artist/Illustrator/Writer
Maria Koripas Movement Director & Choreographer
Radha Menon multi disciplinary artist
Serene Debs Multi media artist
Rachael Clerke multi-artform
Helen Trew Multi-arts
Jacob Millard Multi-disciplinary
Dæmon Clelland Multidisciplinary Artist
Yro Kazara Multidisciplinary artist
Tanya Ury multidisciplinary: video, performance, installation, photography, poetry etc.
Chris Jepson Multidiscipline visual
Talitha Maranila Multidisiplinary artist
Neo Nene Multimedia
Saoirse Amira Anis Multimedia artist
Niall Tessier-Lavigne Multimedia artist
Romain Potier Multimedia designer
Helge Janssen Multimedia performance artist – painting/dance/author/poetry/masks/costume/educator
Aisha Orazbayeva Music
Farzan Hakimifard Music
Amaury Ranger Music management
Sam Thomas Music Producer
Tj Rehmi Music Producer, Composer
Dreamtrip . Music producer/ DJ
john ward musiciam/writer
Ghifar Aldebs Musician
Khyam Allami Musician
Reid Allen musician
Ngaio Anyia Musician
Tanya Auclair Musician
Tony Baker Musician
Richard Barrett musician
Victor Betenheuser Musician
Bernard Blake Musician
Fergus Clark Musician
Algernon Cornelius Musician
J D Musician
Lyzza da Silva Musician
Emma Daman Thomas Musician
Inés de Juana Musician
Dali de Saint Paul Musician
Jonathan Dickens Musician
Alia Eliraki Musician
JJJJJerome Ellis Musician
Elin Engström Musician
Brian Eno Musician
Stuart Evans Musician
Siân Evey-Arli Musician
Jem Finer Musician
Lieve Franssen musician
Olivar Garcia musician
Ameet Gauher Musician
Jayson Gillham Musician
Sheldon Goldstein Musician
Yulia Govor Musician
Jacqui Ham Musician
Victoria Hamblett Musician
Martin Horntveth Musician
Line Horntveth Musician
Seth Horvitz (Rrose) musician
Amir Iman Musician
Ellie Jones Musician
Faten Kanaan Musician
Kayleigh Kennedy Musician
Dina Khashan Musician
Tommy Khosla Musician
Alistair Kiley Musician
Hardi Kurda Musician
Dominic Lash musician
Kiran Leonard Musician
Michael Levin Musician
Ryan Mahan (Algiers, Nun Gun) Musician
Giuliano Modarelli Musician
Lorenzo Narici Musician
Maggie Newlands Musician
Owen Pallett Musician
Follett Pennell musician
Brendan Perry Musician
Pål Asle Pettersen Musician
Ian Pinhey Musician
Rohail Qadri Musician
Jeevan Rai Musician
Simon Rix musician
Eleanor Rudge Musician
Shady Sabry Musician
Yara Salahiddeen Musician
Rudi Salmon Musician
Cleo Savva musician
Blanc Sceol Musician
Sam Shalabi Musician
Steve Skaith Musician
Penny Stone Musician
Mathew Sweet Musician
John Tilbury Musician
Sandar Tun Tun musician
Munsef Turkmani Musician
Arthur Vorsatz Musician
Lara Walashi Musician
Dzarif Wan Musician
Roger Waters Musician
Boff Whalley Musician
Alan Wilkinson Musician
Robert Wyatt Musician
Rittik Wystup Musician
Pete Yelding Musician
reynaldo young musician
D/R/U/G/S . Musician
Tareq Abu Kwaik Musician
Mohamed Azzam Musician
midheaven band musician
zera bloom musician
Karl D’Silva Musician
Agnes Diaconu musician
mark fell musician
akram hajj musician
Sarah Kemp – brave timbers Musician
Rosalind Leyden Musician
Isabelle Moreton Musician
Roy Mowatt Musician
Mia Musa-Green Musician
Hali Ray Musician
Bruce Reynolds Musician
Yara Salahiddeen Musician
Andrew Scrogham – brave timbers Musician
Steph Singer Musician
Mark Spybey Musician
Jamila Woods Musician
Nadia Daou Musician (artist name NÂR or نار)
Lotte Reimer representing Côr Gobaith Musician (choir)
Melinda Bronstein Musician / Artist
Roxana Vilk Musician / filmmaker / performer
Heather Cox Musician & poet
Louisa Lyne Patterson Musician and composer
Rosa Pacheco musician and dj
Pucci Dellanno Musician and promoter
Daniela De Armas Musician and writer
Sibylle Aeberli Musician, Actress
Davide Luciani Musician, Artist
Reem Kelani Musician, bandleader, broadcaster
Leon Rosselson musician, children’s author
Per Spellman Musician, composer and writer.
Dr. John Cornwall Musician, composer, performer
Serene Huleileh Musician, dancer, cultural manager
Nadz Vogel Musician, DJ
Yehia Elharmiel Musician, Filmmaker and Sound Engineer
Luiza Gazzo musician, painter and actor
Nadia Javed Musician, play-writer, actor
Peggy Seeger musician, singer
Terry Boosey Musician, Song writer, Music Producer
Lori E Allen musician, writer
Asma Bhol Musician, writer and cultural worker
Steve Wall Musician/Actor
Jocelyn Pook Musician/Composer
Mahendra Patel Musician/Creative
Balkis Embarek Musician/designer
Steve Ashley musician/singer-songwriter
Bill Gilonis musician/translator
Camilla Saunders Musicians and composer
Ashley Charles Other
Dhoha Benammar Painter
Ju Canon Painter
Ludd Flint painter
Parham Ghalamdar Painter
Anji Main painter
Cat. Mayer painter
Duncan McAfee Painter
Liz Miranda Painter
Marlène Trouillet Painter
Melissa Wraxall Painter
Mariota Spens Painter
Kenneth Gallagher Painter printmaker
Judith Mazillius Painter, contemporary visual artist
ann erpino painter, filmmaker
Stephanie Webber Painter, filmmaker and sound
Florence Boyd Painting
Namita Kulkarni Painting
Nora Reza Painting
Rick Walker Participatory arts
cat barich Performance
Janez Janša Performance
Alessandra Cianetti Performance and live art
Egle Simenaite Performance art maker, actress
Oskar Dirlewanger Performance Artist
Shona Macnaughton Performance artist
Magdalena Malinova performance artist
Adina-Diana Pop Performance Artist
Yasmina Reggad performance artist
Zebb Tawil Performance artist
Katherine Smith performance artist
Paula Varjack Performance Artist
Ruby Pugh Performance Designer
Isabella Manning Performance maker
Clara Potter-Sweet Performance maker
Shireen Alshoufi Performer
Louise Mellor Performer
Mark Thomas Performer
Ted Walker performer
Laura Hanna Performer
Dan de la Motte Performer, Equity Cllr
Tara Fatehi performer, writer
Sameena Zehra Performer, writer, director.
Huda Bahjat Performing arts
Haeeun Lee Performing arts
Nick Millett Performing arts
Mez van Slageren PhD candidate in Music
Giulia Casalini PhD student, curator, performer
Gudrun Romeborn Photograph
Jocelyn Allen Photographer
rafa amezcua photographer
Elle Brotherhood Photographer
Knut Bry Photographer
Anselm Ebulue Photographer
Israel Fernández Gamero Photographer
Marsha Levine photographer
Anneleen Lindsay Photographer
Antonina Mamzenko photographer
Peter Molloy Photographer
Kate Peters Photographer
Sopo Ramischwili Photographer
Erin Semple Photographer
Holly Staniforth Photographer
Youssef ElNahas Photographer
Natalija Gormalova Photographer
Erica Kawamoto Hsu photographer
Ciara Leeming photographer
Martin Saleh Photographer
Spencer Murphy Photographer / Filmmaker
Oluwatosin Daniju Photographer & visual artist
Brianna Mills Photographer & Writer
Ian Wiblin photographer and filmmaker
Xavier Ribas Photographer, Lecturer
Emma Rosenthal Photographer, writer, multi-media
Jaskirt Boora Photography
Jadwiga Bronte Photography
Rob Hudson Photography
Kevin Brodie Playwright
Chloë Lawrence-Taylor Playwright
Mikey Lynam Playwright
Eugene O’Hare Playwright
Justin Sherin Playwright
Les Smith Playwright
Mia Törnqvist playwright
Rina Vergano playwright
Naomi Wallace Playwright
V (formerly Eve Ensler) playwright
Rida Hamidou Playwright
Holly Robinson Playwright
Abbie Spallen Playwright
Aleksander Varadian Playwright
Laura Lomas Playwright and Screenwriter
Morgan Lloyd Malcolm Playwright and Screenwriter
Ella Road Playwright and Screenwriter
Kia Corthron playwright, novelist
Catherine Filloux Playwright/Librettist
Emily Berry Poet
Josephine Dickinson Poet
Amy Evans Bauer Poet
Paul Francis Poet
Jasmine Gardosi Poet
Harry Gilonis poet
Chris Gutkind Poet
Kathryn Levy Poet
Rod Mengham Poet
Steve Pottinger poet
Emma Purshouse poet
dave rendle poet
Luke Roberts Poet
Anna Robinson Poet
Deanna Rodger Poet
Darnell Thompson-Gooden Poet
Bonnie Hancell Poet
Yazzie Min Poet
Nat Raha Poet & Artist
Alec Finlay poet and artist
Kat Lyons Poet and performer
David Grundy Poet and scholar
Camilo Brodsky Poet and writer
Giulia Ottavia Frattini Poet and writer
Alan Morrison Poet and writer
Pippa Little Poet editor tutor
cris cheek poet-artist
Peter King Poet, translator, and painter.
John Goodby Poet, translator, literary critic, visual artist
Gerry Loose Poet, Writer & Editor
Kohinoor Yasmin Poet, Writer, creative producer, photographer
Jack Caradoc Poet/ publisher
Hugh McFadden Poet/ Writer
Paul Summers Poet/artist
Christopher Norris poet/philosopher
Sam Vuchenich poet/writer
Lily Pearmain Potter
Anna Corfa Isehayek Print designer
Richard Lees Printmaker
Martin Adams printmaker, animator
Kev McCurdy Pro fight choreographer
Geoff Arbourne Producer
Frank Barat Producer
Linda Bloomfield Producer
Cheri Darbon Producer
Uzma Hasan Producer
Alison Holder Producer
Rafia Hussain Producer
Laura Jackson Producer
Tobi Kyeremateng Producer
Alexandra Lort Phillips Producer
Mhari Robinson Producer
Harriet Harper-Jones Producer
Fozia O’Dowd Producer
Alicia White Producer
Sajid Varda Producer / Actor
Louise Oliver Producer / Writer / Actor
Alex Sushon Producer dj
Sebah Chaudhry Producer, Curator
Tom Lambert Producer/Presenter, Promoter. CEO; Tom Lambert Enterprises.
Cristiano Durso Production Controller
Saoirse O’Shea Production/Set Designer for Film and Theatre
Megan Ballin Project manager at media centre
Jamell Ackford Promoter
Iris Hefets Psychoanalyst, author
Ann Waddington Psychotherapist/artist
Gavin Everall Publisher
Lillian Wilkie Publisher
Emily Glenister Publishing
Shaun MacLoughlin Radio Drama Director
Danny ‘Craft-D’ Carlo Rapper / Poet / Cultural Producer
John Maizels Raw Vision magazine
Simin Shakeri Researcher and writer
Dominique B Researcher, musician
Eleanor Field Scenographer
Siân Robins-Grace Screenwriter
Faryal Velmi Screenwriter
Caragh Davison Script Development
Jack Casey Script Editor
Felix Bahret sculptor
Ruth Faulkner Sculptor
Jon Hudson Sculptor
Vince Koloski Sculptor
Terence McGinity Sculptor
Flo Barr Sculptor
Rob Harding Sculptor
Aldo Giovannini Sculptor and musician
Louise McVey Sculptor&musician
Moina Walker Sculpture/musician
Khadija Raza Set snd costume designer
Laura Bradshaw Singer, participative arts
Sabrina Bellaouel Singer, producer
Layla Kaylif singer, songwriter and filmmaker
Rona Topaz Singer/actor/choir leader
Priyesh Patel Social media
Ruth Ben-Tovim Socially and ecologically engaged artist
Rebecca Livesey-Wright socially engaged artist, curator, producer and facilitator
Isabel Monteiro Drugstore Isabel songwriter
Robb Johnson songwriter
Gary O’Dea Songwriter
Light Vehicle Songwriter. Musician.
Victoria Karlsson Sound Art
AM Kanngieser sound art x writing
Jen Brister Stand up comedian
Ramy Khorshed Startup CEO
Emily Young Stone carver /painter/writer
Marcia Farquhar Storyteller
James Foster Talent Agent
Natalia Ballesteros Tattoo artist
Shara Crosby tattoo artist
Svetlana Rakocevic text artist
Stef May Textile artist
Rosie McLean Textiles and Sculpture
Farah Wardani Theater
Marina Barham Theater Producer
Naomi Srikandi Theatermaker and writer
Tim Evans Theatre
Micaela Miranda Theatre
Gudny Sigurdardottir Theatre
Rachel Valentine Smith Theatre
Shane Dempsey Theatre & Movement Director
Nadia Emam Theatre and filmmaker
Julian Maynard Smith Theatre and performance maker
Omar Laguerre-Lewis Theatre Artist
Brock McCullough Theatre Artist
Mojisola Adebayo Theatre Artist and Professor
Hayley henderson theatre designer
Ailin Conant Theatre Director
Leonor Amelia Estrada Francke Theatre director
Frances Rifkin Theatre director
Les Waters Theatre Director
Jo Tyabji Theatre director
Hazel Roy Theatre Director /writer / dance practitioner
Ben Harrison Theatre Director and Playwright
Jonathan Chadwick Theatre Director and writer
Mary Condon O’Connor Theatre facilitator
Omar Madkour Theatre Lighting Designer
Jeries Abujaber Theatre maker
Rachel Karafistan Theatre maker
Rachel Moorhouse Theatre Maker
v mortimer theatre maker
Salvor Gullbra Thorarinsdottir theatre maker
Saerlaith Uaid Ní Dhuibhir Theatre maker
Mathew Wernham Theatre Maker
Harry Harry Walker Theatre maker
Jamielee Hogan Theatre Maker
Natasha Kathi -Chandra Theatre maker
Amanda Wilkin Theatre maker
Lora Krasteva Theatre maker and cultural producer
Mandy Eggerding Theatre maker and poet
Kath Akers Theatre maker, Dramatherapist
Kathleen McCreery Theatre maker, writer
Melissa Eveleigh Theatre practitioner
Louise Chantal Theatre Producer
Robyn Jancovich-Brown Theatre Producer
Clara Purcell Theatre Producer
Omar Bynon Theatre-maker
Amy Conway Theatre-maker
Shereen Zoumot Theatre-maker
Adam Clifford Theatre-maker, writer and musician
Stephen Tiller Theatre/Opera producer/director/dramaturg/writer.
Nafeesah Butt Theatremaker
John Rwothomach Theatremaker
Katrina Woolley Theatremaker
Jennifer Lim Theatremaker
Anant Dayal Theatreperson, storyteller, musician
Andrew Wigglesworth Traditional musician
Minondita Renaud transdisciplinary
Valerie Reding transdisciplinary artist
Nichola Smalley Translator
Ann Wright translator
Sophie Lewis translator & editor
Silvia Kolbowski Video Artist
Tania Aparicio videomaker
Sarah Streatfeild Violinist
Sylvia Finzi Visual and sound artist
Adam Broomberg visual art
Ruth Ewan Visual art
Ahmed Mostafa Visual Art
Benjamin Sebastian Visual Art
Iman Tajik Visual art and performance
Rachael Simpson Visual Art, Producer
Lark Alder Visual artist
Nadina Ali Visual Artist
Mohamed Allam Visual artist
Laura Benetton Visual Artist
Margrét H Blöndal visual artist
Teresa Carvalho Visual artist
Colin Darke visual artist
Annalee Davis Visual Artist
Barbara Debeuckelaere Visual artist
Mohamed Adel Dessouki Visual artist
Ruth Dillon Visual Artist
Theresa Easton visual artist
Esraa Elfeky Visual artist
Donia Fares Visual Artist
Ritchie Feenie Visual artist
Bryony Gillard Visual artist
Dan Gombos Visual Artist
Carl Gopalkrishnan Visual Artist
Leah Gordon Visual Artist
Michael Graf Visual artist
Aoibheann Greenan Visual artist
Paul Grist Visual artist
Karin Gunnarsson Nomura Visual artist
Elizabeth Hamilton Visual Artist
Jane Hoskin Visual Artist
David Jacques Visual Artist
Abu Jafar Visual Artist
Haraldur Jónsson Visual artist
Gi Kastano Visual artist
Asma Kazmi Visual artist
Sahjan Kooner Visual Artist
Robert Lamoon Visual artist
Mike Layward Visual artist
John Ledger visual artist
Alison Lloyd Visual Artist
Rakel McMahon Visual artist
Rebecca Moccia Visual Artist
Suzanne Morey Visual Artist
Huma Mulji Visual Artist
Idit Nathan Visual artist
Sólbjört Vera Ómarsdóttir Visual artist
Toby Paterson Visual Artist
Deborah S Phillips visual artist
Olivia Plender visual artist
Paul Scott Visual artist
Maxima Smith Visual Artist
Patricia Smyth Visual artist
Euan Sutherland Visual artist
Soraya Syed Visual artist
Valentina Teodoro Visual artist
Carolyn Thompson Visual Artist
Sean Wain Visual Artist
Bea Xu Visual artist
Vera Zurbrügg Visual artist
Ignacio Acosta Visual artist
Audrey Albert Visual artist
O Ashery Visual artist
Renato Falcão Visual artist
Uttam Ghosh Visual artist
Sophie Jung Visual artist
Baz Kahn Visual Artist
Margareta Kern Visual Artist
Linda Lamignan Visual artist
Ramez Melhem Visual artist
Janie Nicoll Visual Artist
Charlie Prodger Visual artist
Corinne Silva visual artist
Krystina Stimakovits Visual artist
Dimitrios Tsouris Visual Artist
Rahima Begum Visual Artist & Creative Consultant
Manar Zind Alhadid Visual artist & Designer
Eothen Stearn Visual artist & musician
Petra Fenijn Visual artist and poet.
Abu Faisal Sergio Tapia Visual Artist and writer founder director of newspaper Palestina Liberation
Stelios Baklavas Visual Artist Photographer
Andrea Muendelein visual artist, photography
Max Frutuoso Guimarães Visual Artist, student and filmaker
Francis Whorrall-Campbell visual artist, writer
Umber Majeed Visual artist/educator
Denise Zygadlo Visual artist/performer
Hussina Raja Visual Artists & Actress
LEO . Visual Arts
Kulwinder Bajar Visual arts
Rachel Botha Visual Arts
David Campbell Visual arts
Kitty Aurora Visual Arts and music writer
zoe walker visual Arts, Light Direction
RAKE Collective Visual research collective
milly oldfield vocalist, actor, voice actor, scenic painter, writer
Genevieve Closuit-Rousson web designer
Farzaa A. Ghani Writer
Noor Abbas Writer
Kat Addis writer
Leye Adenle Writer
Aamina Ahmad Writer
Rukhsana Ahmad Writer
Naylah Ahmed Writer
zia ahmed writer
Bilan Ali Writer
Sabrin Ali Writer
Benjamin Ashraf Writer
MiMi Aye Writer
Lana Bastasic writer
Henry Bell Writer
Houssem Ben Cheikh Writer
Sonali Bhattacharyya Writer
Bec Boey Writer
Malika Booker Writer
Patricia Borlenghi Writer
S.E. Bronstein Writer
Rose Butler Writer
Candice Carty-Williams Writer
Melissa Chemam Writer
Satinder Kaur Chohan Writer
Sînziana Cojocărescu writer
Sinziana Cojocarescu Writer
wendy cooper writer
afshan d’souza-lodhi Writer
Selma Dabbagh Writer
Gloria Dawson Writer
Eccy de Jonge Writer
Farzana Doctor Writer
Ever Dundas writer
Phoebe Eclair-Powell Writer
Ettie Elliott writer
Susan Finlay Writer
Daniel Fraser Writer
Ru Freeman Writer
Ruth Fruchtman Writer
Ed Garland Writer
Rachel Genn Writer
Hazel Gould Writer
Joyoti Grech Writer
Chris Gutkind Writer
Nafeesa Hameed Writer
Robert Hampson Writer
Stephanie Han writer
Mark Haworth-Booth Writer
Martin Heslop Writer
Annie Hodson Writer
Rick Holland Writer
Zoe Holman Writer
Rachel Holmes Writer
Minying Huang Writer
Femi Hughes Writer
Amber Husain Writer
Emteaz Hussain writer
Rabiah Hussain Writer
Matilda Feyiṣayọ Ibini Writer
Abubakar Ibrahim Writer
Ashley Inglis Writer
Delraj Jandu Writer
Tom Jeffreys writer
Jennie Kermode writer
Amy Key Writer
Sunnah Khan Writer
Karim Khan Writer
Cecilia Knapp Writer
Emily LaBarge Writer
Daisy Lafarge writer
Taylor LeMelle Writer
Joanne Limburg Writer
Jo Lindsay Walton Writer
Amber Lone writer
Ed Luker Writer
Alexis Lykiard writer
Laura Lynes Writer
Sabrina Mahfouz Writer
Preethi Manuel Writer
Lilly Markaki writer
Amy McCauley Writer
John Mingay Writer
Hussein Mitha writer
Sophie Monks Kaufman writer
Jordan Nakamura Writer
Christine Nichol Writer
Felix O’Brien Writer
Valerie O’Riordan Writer
Ijeoma Oluo Writer
maatin patel Writer
Sheena Patel Writer
Kris Paul Writer
Lara Pawson writer
Rebecca Perry Writer
Alycia Pirmohamed writer
Gina Prat Lilly Writer
Roxane Ray Writer
Cathy Reay writer
Anya Reiss Writer
Keith Ridgway Writer
Lindsay Rodden Writer
Jenny Rodwell Writer
Lillian Rosengarten writer
Jane Rossiter-Smith Writer
Amani Saeed Writer
Fatma Sagir Writer
Sanjeeta Saha Writer
Amerah Saleh Writer
Chris Searle writer
Seni Seneviratne Writer
Lauren Sequeira Writer
Ahdaf Soueif Writer
Nicola Spurr writer
Cath Staincliffe Writer
Anna Della Subin Writer
Rebecca Tamás Writer
Preti Taneja Writer
Chrissie Tiller Writer
Arielle Tschinkel Writer
Meghan Tyler Writer
Simran Uppal Writer
Marina Vishmidt writer
Marina Warner Writer
Camilla Whitehill Writer
Jessica Widner Writer
David Wilson Writer
River Wolton Writer
Jan Woolf Writer
Jane Yeh Writer
Jack Young Writer
Nayra Zaghloul Writer
Rosie Rogers Writer
Amy Abdelnoor Writer
Sapphire Allard Writer
Stephanie Bailey Writer
Sita Brahmachari Writer
Jemma Desai Writer
Francisco Garcia Writer
Brigid Keenan Writer
Hannah Khalil Writer
Kirsty Logan Writer
Seherish Mahmood Writer
Nomusa Makhubu Writer
Suhaiymah Manzoor-Khan Writer
So Mayer Writer
Alex Morss Writer
Margaret Perry Writer
Sadia Rasheed Writer
Shazia Rashid Writer
Kamila Shamsie Writer
Gillian Slovo Writer
Aisha Zia Writer
Carmen Cochior Plescanu Writer , Tibetologist
Salim Haidrani Writer & Academic
Joel Samuels Writer & Actor
Aisha Mirza writer & artist
Noël Burch writer & film-maker
Louise Purbrick Writer and artist
Jon Seagrave writer and performer
Roann Hassani Mccloskey Writer and performer
Sarala Estruch Writer and poet
Vicky Scrivener Writer and Poet
Sarah Walker Writer Director
Jacob K. Langford writer-performer-musician
Lara Wahab Writer, Actor
Mandy Macdonald writer, amateur musician
Durre Shahwar Writer, Artist
Lianne Wilson writer, artist
Angelita Biscotti Writer, composer, performer
Gareth Evans writer, curator, producer
Hardish Virk Writer, DJ, Producer, Curator
c.f. prior writer, editor
Ben Setiawan Writer, Editor
Nadin Mai Writer, Film Critic
Aaminah Khan Writer, musician, actor, comedian
Shamma Iqbal Writer, Poet
Adam Lowe Writer, publisher
Fehmida Master Writer, Publisher, Poet
A.Tony Jerome Writer, Stop Motion
Kavita Bhanot Writer, translator, editor,
Anahi Saravia Herrera writer/ community organiser
Carol Drinkwater Writer/Actress
Catherine Sadler Writer/Arts worker
Deborah Frances-White Writer/comedian
Catriona MacLeod Writer/Director
Robert Rae Writer/Director
Tracy Ryan Writer/Director
Emma Seligman Writer/director
Etzali Hernández writer/dj
Beth Bramich writer/educator
Juliet Jacques Writer/filmmaker
Steph Francis-Shanahan Writer/musician
Pavel Marmanillo Barrio de Mendoza Writer/Musician
Kevin Wilson Writer/musician
Carmel George Writer/Performer
Daniel York Loh Writer/Performer/Filmmaker
Anna Wheatley Writer/Performer/Musician
Seán Maguire Writer/Poet
Vicky Scrivener Writer/Poet
Hannah Ali Writer/Producer
Lizzie Dee Writer/Producer
Maya Pindar Young People’s Producer – Theatre

Additional statements:

“A performance of my play ‘And Here I Am’ (based on the life of Palestinian actor Ahmed Tobasi and performed by him) was cancelled in Paris recently. This came as a shock because the play had been performed in the UK and several other countries with no problem. There has been an impulse that following the events of October 7, stories of Palestinians somehow became inappropriate. This censorship is as frustrating as it is wrongheaded. Now is the time to listen to Palestinians, to understand what their lives are like and that includes, dare I say it, those that are militant because without comprehending the nature of the occupation the Palestinians are subjected to, we are doomed to be trapped in the so called ‘cycle of violence.’ Palestinian voices and stories are now needed more than ever and it will be a test for our democracies whether they are given the space by our cultural institutions who claim to champion freedom of expression.”
Hassan Abulrazzak, playwright

“It is an alarming state of affairs when a film screening, play or poetry reading is deemed controversial simply because it addresses Palestinian experiences. Or when arts workers are targeted from within their own industry simply for expressing a view on what is happening in Gaza. This needs to stop.”
Emma Seligman, writer director

“We commend all those following their conscience and continuing to speak out against apartheid and colonialism. It is truly an appalling state of affairs where artists and cultural workers feel afraid to speak out on a matter of justice, and we have received a number of reports of attempted censorship in the past two months. However, we have also seen workers in the sector push back and remain firm in their commitment to justice, and we encourage those who have any concerns to contact the ELSC for advice.”
Gabriel Frankel, UK legal officer, European Legal Support Centre