With the death toll in Gaza growing hourly, silence is complicity. It is imperative for concerned citizens to demand that their governments take immediate action in order to stop Israeli genocide in Gaza.

Write your representative today and demand:

1. That Israeli war criminals be brought before the International Criminal Court or a Special Tribunal for war crimes committed in Gaza. (Remind your representative that the investigation, prosecution or extradition of those responsible for war crimes is an obligation of all high contracting parties to the Geneva Conventions.)

2. That in response to Israel’s severe breaches of international humanitarian law and international human rights law, your state terminate all favorable trade agreements and economic relations with Israel, including the EU Association Agreement which is conditional upon adherence to human rights and democratic principles.

3. That your state cut all diplomatic ties with Israel.

The current events in Gaza were predicated and advocated for by Israeli Professor Arnon Soffer, Head of the IDF’s National Defense College. Professor Soffer spelled out the desired results of Israel’s unilateral disengagement from Gaza in an interview with the Jerusalem Post (24 May 2004):

Jerusalem Post: How will the region look the day after unilateral separation?

Arnon Sofer: …First of all…. Instead of entering Gaza like we did last week.We will tell the Palestinians that if a single missile is fired over the fence,we will fire 10 in response. And women and children will be killed, and houseswill be destroyed. After the fifth such incident, Palestinian mothers won’t allowtheir husbands to shoot Kassams, because they will know what’s waiting for them.

Second of all, when 2.5 million people live in a closed-off Gaza, it’s goingto be a human catastrophe. Those people will become even bigger animals thanthey are today, with the aid of an insane fundamentalist Islam. The pressureat the border will be awful. It’s going to be a terrible war. So, if we wantto remain alive, we will have to kill and kill and kill. All day, every day…Ifwe don’t kill, we will cease to exist…Unilateral separation doesn’t guarantee “peace” -it guarantees a Zionist-Jewish state with an overwhelming majority of Jews…

Jerusalem Post: Voluntary transfer?

Arnon Soffer: Yes. And Gaza is going to be such a disaster that it will be beyondour capacity to help. There will have to be large-scale international aid. TheUS will have to pressure Egypt to cede land.

More recently Matan Vilnai, Deputy Defense Minister of Israel, told Army Radioduring “Operation Hot Winter” (29 February 2008):

“They will bring upon themselves a bigger shoah because we will use allour might to defend ourselves.”

In the days following this statement, 107 Palestinians were killed. The internationalcomunity failed to take action. This inaction, followed by European declarationsof intentions to upgrade their trade agreements with Israel, served as a greenlight for the current atrocities.

Reserve Colonel Yoav Gal, an Israeli Air Force pilot, told Army Radio during “OperationCast Lead” (11 January 2009):

“I believe that it should have been even stronger! Dresden! Dresden! Theextermination of a city! After all, we’re told that the face of war has changed.No longer is it the advancing of tanks or an organized military. […] Itis a whole nation, from the old lady to the child, this is the military. It isa nation fighting a war. I am calling them a nation, even though I don’t seethem as one. It is a nation fighting a nation. Civilians fighting civilians.I’m telling you that we […] must know […] that stones will not bethrown at us! I am not talking about rockets – not even a stone will be thrownat us. Because we’re Jews.[…] I want the Arabs of Gaza to flee to Egypt.This is what I want. I want to destroy the city, not necessarily the people livingwithin it.”

In order to end Israel´s impunity we call on civil society to support thePalestinian campaign for an international Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS)against Israel.

The One Democratic State Group – Gaza
University Teacher Association in Palestine – Gaza
Arab Cultural Forum – Gaza

Endorsed by:
Popular Committees Against the Wall and Settlements – West Bank