This report from the Right to Education Campaign (Education-Report-Academia-Undermined-May-2013.pdf ( focuses on the implications of Israeli restrictions
on entry and residency for foreign academics wishing to serve at institutes
of higher education operating in the occupied Palestinian territories.
It is important to note that the term “foreign” is something
of a misnomer: Israel treats all individuals without an Israeli-issued
identity card [“hawiyya”] as a foreigner even if they are
of Palestinian origin and even if they and/or their parents are born
in Palestine. Thus “foreign” academics refers to anyone
who does not hold a Palestinian identity card and must therefore enter
the oPt on a foreign passport regardless of whether or not they are
of Palestinian origin. “Foreign” academics or “foreign”
nationals could therefore be of Palestinian origin (as is frequently
the case) or have no Palestinian roots.

The Report Executive Summary