Leading Israeli Human Rights group Adalah has issued a report on the
silencing protests during the assault on Gaza. Ha’aretz’s
item on the report says

The report accuses intellectuals and academics of standing by during
the violence in Gaza and overlooking the collective arrests of peace
activists. Only a few lecturers mustered the courage to publicly protest
the military operation. Academics who protested the collective arrest
of settler teens did not speak out against the suspected IDF war crimes
and the collective detainment of protesting minors. Academic institutions
hung banners and took out newspaper ads voicing support for the war.
They stood by while the Shin Bet and the police charged at Jewish
and Arab students protesting the operation.

For instance, at the height of the operation, the University of Haifa
released the following announcement despite its many Arab students:
“As a show of solidarity with IDF soldiers fighting in Gaza and
residents of the south, the University of Haifa has made its central
tower into a national flag … the university is not an ivory tower
and is inseparably connected to the community. With this symbolic
act, it expresses its great appreciation for the residents of the
south and its support for the IDF’s soldiers.”

New Adalah Report Reveals how Israeli Police, Prosecutor, GSS and Courts Suppressed Protests by – Adalah