In March 2005, the Arab Students’ Collective, a campus organisation
at the University of Toronto, held a series of local events to support
Palestinians and protest Israeli policies. Hoping to broaden debate
at the end of the second Intifada and on the eve of Israel’s redeployment
of ground forces and settlers from the Gaza Strip, originally called
“the separation plan,” they called their proceedings Israeli
Apartheid Week.

A decade on, their creation has become an annual and globally-recognised
event. This year, it will feature cultural and educational events, as
well as public protests in more than 200 cities on six continents.

“In the wake of Israel’s massacre of Palestinians in Gaza, this
year’s IAW takes on even greater significance,” said Michael Deas,
a London-based member of the IAW international coordination committee.

10 years after modest launch, Israeli Apartheid Week spans the globe
– Midle East Eye
in Brussels defeat Israeli embassy’s attempt to silence apartheid
week events
– Mondoweiss