The members of the American Studies Association have endorsed the Association’s
participation in a boycott of Israeli academic institutions. In an election
that attracted 1252 voters, the largest number of participants in the
organization’s history, 66.05% of voters endorsed the resolution,
while 30.5% of voters voted no and 3.43% abstained.

The resolution is in solidarity with scholars and students deprived
of their academic freedom and it aspires to enlarge that freedom for
all, including Palestinians. The ASA’s endorsement of the academic
boycott emerges from the context of US military and other support for
Israel; Israel’s violation of international law and UN resolutions;
the documented impact of the Israeli occupation on Palestinian scholars
and students; the extent to which Israeli institutions of higher education
are a party to state policies that violate human rights; and finally,
the support of such a resolution by a majority of ASA members.

the full ASA statement

the ASA’s Israel boycott won
– Electronic Intifada
BRICUP welcomes
the ASA decision

For Palestinian Right of Return’ endorse ASA boycott

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