During the last couple of days the BBC repeatedly broadcast a short video supplied to it by the IDF showing a truck targeted by the IDF just before it was blown up. It was claimed to be carrying Grad missiles just before launching. The BBC correspondent, hardly hid his admiration for the rocketing of the truck, commenting that “those 5 people are going to be killed”.

B’tselem reported the incident differently

On 29 December ’08 the Israeli army bombed a truck in Gaza City, claiming it carried Grad rockets, designated for attacks on Israel. Drone footage of the bombing was shown by the Israeli army.

B’Tselem received the testimony of Ahmad Sanur, the owner of the truck bombed. Sanur claims the truck was carrying oxygen canisters used for welding, not Grad rockets. B’Tselem field worker took photos of oxygen canisters left on the site of the bombing.

According to Sanur’s testimony, he and members of his family were trying to salvage material from a metal workshop he owns, which was next door to a bombed house, in order to prevent looting. He denies any connection to militants, or military activity, and is willing to talk to any journalist, or investigator.

Photo from Army footage of the loading of the truck and photo of the oxygen canisters left next to the truck taken by B’Tselem fieldworker.

8 people were killed in the bombing, including his son. Two were severely wounded (names may have different spelling):

Muhammad bassel Madi, 17
Wisam Akram ‘Eid, 14
‘ Imad Ahmad Sanur, 32
Rami Sa’adi Ghabayan, 24
Mahmoud Nabil Ghabayan, 14
Ashraf a-Dabagh, 26
Muhammad Majed Ka’abar, 20
Ahmad Ibrahim Khila, 15

Two were severely injured:

Bilal Suheil Ghabayan, 19
Baha Suheil Ghabayan, 16

The BBC has not issued a correction or apology