Twenty-one staff members of the University of Tromsø have signed
a call for boycott of all Israeli academic institutions.

The initiative calls for the University to “establish an academic
boycott of Israel”, of Israel‘s “institutions of education,
research and culture, and the institutions‘ representatives,
regardless of religion and nationality.”

The University of Tromsø has 9000 students and is known in
Norway as the “peace university.” Mordechai Vanunu and Desmond
Tutu were both granted honorary doctorates by the university. The University
was a leading force in Norway during the massive boycott of the Apartheid
regime in former South Africa.

The call follows the outline of the PACBI call.

The city of Tromsø also has a twinning relationship with the
city of Gaza, and the people of Tromsø mobilized in good numbers
for the Gaza demonstrations in January. One of the Norwegian physicians
who worked in Gaza at Shifa Hospital, Mads Gilbert, is also a part
of the Palestine movement in Tromsø

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