Bethlehem University was forced to close on 28 September, reports Mazin
Qumsiyeh, because the Israeli authorities imposed a “closure”
of the West Bank because of Yom Kippur holiday. As our students and
faculty from Jerusalem cannot get to Bethlehem (a mere 5 miles away)
because of this closure, the educational activities cannot be carried
out. Also all Palestinians who are lucky enough to have permits to cross
into Palestinian Jerusalem (for work, educatin etc) are also thus forced
to take a day off. In the meantime, the repression does not take days
off. Israeli authorities are very busy in continued colonial activities
from ethnic cleansing to stealing water (80% of the West Bank water
is taken by Israel), to kidnapping and holding political prisoners,
to starving Gaza, and to violence against people and against nature.
Israeli sewage still flows down the valleys of Salfit while Israel forbids
Palestinians from building sewage treatment plants. News today is that
Israel has told hundreds of citizens in East Jerusalem that they will
cutoff the water to their homes (which used to be a mere one cubic meter
per person per month, barely enough to drink and cook let alone take
showers). The forms of ethnic cleansing continue to morph.