On 1 September the Israel Philharmonic Orchestra is playing at the
BBC Proms at the Royal Albert Hall in London. The IPO has a continuing
record of close collaboration with the Israeli armed forces enforcing
the occupation of Palestine and assaults on Gaza and has a self-proclaimed
‘partnership’ with the Israeli Defence Forces. They regularly
travel to play at Army camps and outposts.

The concert is part of the ‘Brand Israel’ campaign and BRICUP is collaborating
with the Palestine Solidarity Campaign to call for a boycott of the
concert and a picket of the RAH on 1 September from 6.00 p.m.

Download the flyer
Tweet the Proms @bbcproms to let
them know they are supporting apartheid
Email the Proms and let them
know you oppose the performance
from 24 musicians in the Independent
(scroll down to ‘Proms exploited
for arts propaganda campaign’)

Palestine supporters make their protest
heard at Israel Philharmonic concert

About 40 members of BRICUP, Jews for Boycotting Israeli Goods and the
Boycott Israel Network attended the concert and with singing and chanting
continually disrupted the performance. The protestors gained global
publicity (over 500 hits on Google News) and was widely reported on
BBC Radio and Television. For the first time ever the BBC had to cancel
a Proms broadcast because of a protest.

Demonstrators press

Two videos of the protest
produced by protest supporters

from the Guardian

Wimbourne-Idrissi on BBC Any Answers
after the disruption of the
Israel Philharmonic’s Prom concert: 3 September 2011 – podcast.
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