The Board of Deputies of British Jews (BoD) have performed a valuable
service is compiling the common mis-representations of the BDS campaign, along with a few
original ones, in a single glossy 50 page document A Better Way than Boycotts. BRICUP has analysed the document and prepared a response pointing out the misrepresentations and distrortions of the
document spring from four false premises:

  • Firstly, that although the Israeli Government may have made mistakes,
    some serious, it has done nothing criminal or beyond the usual failures
    of democratic states.
  • Secondly, all calls for BDS arise from malevolence at best and
    outright antisemitism at worst.
  • Thirdly, there is no fundamental imbalance of power between Israelis
    and Palestinians and so an open and productive dialogue between equals
    can be straightforwardly fostered and will be effective.
  • Fourthly, that a two state solutions is desired by the Israeli
    government and is still a feasible outcome.

BRICUP’s response: Boycott
for Peace; Divest for Justice; Sanctions for Liberty