Batsheva, an Israeli Government supported dance company were invited
to appear at the Edinbugh International Festival. A widely supported,
including leading Scottish cultural figures like Liz Lochhead and Iain
Banks, letter of protest was sent to the Festival organisers but they
did not withdraw the invitation.

The Edinburgh City Guide review said:

“The EIF has a duty, to its audience and performers, to behave
in a responsible fashion. It is questionable whether inviting a company
that is hailed by the Israeli Foreign Ministry as Israel’s, ‘best
global ambassadors’, at this particular moment in time, is a responsible
act. This performance never had a hope of running smoothly, leaving
both audience and artists vulnerable and with a rather nasty taste in
the mouth.

The audience were ushered out of the emergency exit doors with the
chants from protesters, still outside the building, of ‘Your tickets
were covered in Palestinian blood’ ringing in our ears. This was
not one of the Edinburgh International Festival’s finest moments.”

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