BRICUP has issued a call to Leonard Cohen to cancel his proposed vist
to Israel to perform at a concert on 24 September.

We are calling on all supporters to read our open
letter to Leonard Cohen
and send messages to him via
his manager, Robert Kory
, asking him to abandon this trip.

Tell Amnesty International that
Entertaining Apartheid Israel Deserves No Amnesty!

BRICUP joined with PACBI and Israeli and international
boycott organisations to appeal to Amnesty International to end
its sponsorship of Leonard Cohen’s sanctions-busting concert in
Tel Aviv.

withdraws its support for the concert

a poem by Cohen
that we believe he should re-read. This is Cohen’s
own comment on the poem

This poem, first publsihed in the early 1970’s, is, tragically, still
pertainent today. It was also sent anonymously to a number of rabbis,
selected at random, in New York City and posted on traffic lights,
lampposts, and other places. The word "Shomrim" refers to
members of the left-wing, Zionist youth organizaion Hshomer Hatzair
that supported a binational state in Palestine/Israel when I was close
to them.