The British Committee for the Universities of Palestine (BRICUP) has
condemned an environmental exhibition and lecture series being hosted
by the Zionist Federation on 9th February, dismissing it as “greenwashing
the occupation”.

The evening event for the general public, “Israel Blue White and
Green”, features a special guest appearance from botanist David
Bellamy. BRICUP has written to Bellamy urging him to pull out, saying
that he should be “outraged … at the prospect of Israel presenting
itself (especially to relatively unformed minds) as a champion of environmentalist
virtues” and accusing the ZF of trying to “greenwash”
Israel’s reputation. It lists a catalogue of Israel’s environmental
crimes, including dumping untreated sewage and waste water from West
Bank settlements onto Palestinian agricultural land; uprooting over
1½ million olive trees, and creating sewage lakes by destroying
Gaza’s waste treatment system.

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