A group of academics have uncovered bias that has been introduced into GCSE textbooks on Middle East history. They found hundreds of changes in two books published by Pearson, averaging over 3 alterations per page. The changes to the books were made at the instigation of the Board of Deputies of British Jews and UK Lawyers for Israel. The examinations at which these textbooks are targeted are sat by thousands of GCSE and International GCSE students annually.

The report of this investigation, below, finds that changes have been made to what facts are presented, what interpretations given, and what language employed. In almost every case the alterations move these books towards supporting an Israel-friendly version of that history, and away from presenting the Palestinian narrative.

The reportÂ’’s authors call for the book’sÂ’ immediate withdrawal.

BRICUP Press Release: Academics uncover bias in GCSE history textbooks.

BRICUP report on revisions made to Pearson GCSE textbooks