Fordham Law School in New York is hosting a conference which announces
itself as:

… Attacks on the legitimacy of actions taken in self-defense by
democratic states, in the halls of the UN and international and domestic
courts, radically undermine the ability to protect the welfare of
the Jewish state and all democracies from the scourge of terrorism.
This assault empowers and emboldens the enemies of democracy and encourages
the intolerance and antisemitism at the root of the terrorist and
anti-Zionist agenda…

BRICUP has joined other international academic Palestinian support
organisations in deploring the use of a university for such a one-sided
and academically poor event. We called on “conference participants
to condemn the unfair criticism that has diverted attention from the
contents of the report and that has included personal attacks on Justice
Richard Goldstone.

Read the letter to the confercne
organisers and the conference announcement