Omar Barghouti :20 January 2012 King’s College London

(courtesy of inMinds)

The Occupation and Israeli civil society

Saturday 29 November 2009, School of Oriental & African Studies

Organised by BRICUP, PSC and SOAS Palestine Society

Gideon Levy (Ha’aretz)
Prof lIan Pappe (Exeter University) and
Dr Karma Nabulsi (Oxford University) on Implications of tbe Occupation for Palestinian civil society

Siege and Occupation at First Hand – reports from visits to Gaza and the West Bank

Video of talk by Mike Cushman at LSE on 28 January

Why we need an Academic Boycott of Israel

Video of talk by Mike Cushman at Goldsmith’s College, 8 February , 2011 (courtesy of inMinds)
Videos of other talks at this event