With amazing and insensitive bad taste the Science Museum in London
(and the Manchester Museum of Science and Industry) are allowing their
premises to be used for an ‘Israel Day of Science’ sponsored
by the Zionist Federation. The research of seven Israeli universities
is to be showcased. The planned dates are March 3 (Manchester) and March
5 (London).
Event details

This cannot be allowed to happen. These universities are without exception
complicit in the mechanisms and policies of the Israeli occupation,
and in developing the military technology used in the massacre in Gaza.
Protests are rolling in from scientists and non-scientists alike

BRICUP has drafted a statement to be sent to the Chair of the Board
of Trustees of the London Science Museum Lord Waldegrave.

Unless you tell us to the contrary we will take it that you equally
oppose the Israel Science Day in Manchester, and are willing to support
an equivalent statement to the Manchester Museum of Science and Industry.

Read the statement

The leaflet distributed outside
the Science Museums

The deadline for signing up is 21 February 21. BRICUP will then send
the statement in to the Science Museum with a list of signatories and
maximum publicity.