The British Medical Journal published an article in 2004 by BRICUP
member Derek Summerfield ‘Palestine:
the assault on health and other war crimes
‘ This attracted a deluge
of critical emails. Karl Sabbagh analysed these emails in ‘Perils
of criticising Israel
‘ and drew conclusions about the orchestrated
nature of the attacks that articles critical of Israel attract. The
editors contributed an editorial describing their
ways of managing such campaigns and invited other contributions including
one from Michael O’Donnell, whose journal, World Medicine,
closed as a result of an earlier co-ordinated campaign.

Editorial: What
to do about orchestrated email campaigns

of criticising Israel
– Karl Sabbagh
Standing up for free speech
– Michael O’Donnell
Toughen up
– Jonathan Freedland
How political
should a general medical journal be?
– Tony Delamothe
the assault on health and other war crimes
– Derek Summerfield