BRICUP has supported a letter an open letter to leading author Ian
McEwan organised by British Writers in Support of Palestine and published in the Guardian. The
letter signed by John Berger, China MiĆ©ville and others says ”
We deeply regret the decision of Ian McEwan to accept this corrupt and
cynical honour (I will accept Jerusalem prize, says McEwan, 20 January).
McEwan believes that the Jerusalem book fair, which awards the prize,
represents a blameless civil society. In fact, the fair is organised
by the Jerusalem municipality, a key institution of the Israeli state
and a major instrument in the illegal colonisation of East Jerusalem.”

the letter

letter: Ian McEwan can’t escape the politics

letter McEwan

letter to McEwan

Video of Israeli
protest in front of McEwan

Israeli Boycott from
Within McEwan flyer