Haifa University will continue to train the students of the IDF’s College for National Security (CNS) in their MA studies in the next five years; this was decided after the army’s tender committee has found the university’s proposal as the best one.
“Haifa University is proud to continue being the academic home for the security forces and to keep on teaching the IDF leadership a large number of different and diverse perspectives. This is the sole way to be better people and better commanders,” said Haifa University Rector Professor Yossi Ben Artzi.
Studies of the College for National Security are taking place at Haifa University since 1987 under the headship of Professor Gabriel Ben-Dor of the School of Political Sciences. Professor Arnon Soffer of the Geography Department, a senior lecturer in the program, presides the research institute of the CNS. Apart from courses related to national security issues, the officers undergo also studies in psychology, economy, law, ethics, education and more.
“This is a very big achievement for the university and it became possible due to our high academic quality which proves itself for more than 20 years. National security in our age deviates from the classic perspective of the concept and includes wide aspects of competition between societies for their position in the world, consciousness, public relations, a struggle for public opinion, a steadfast and healthy society and more. A good commander must know not just how to attack or to lead forces but also to understand that education is the key to Israel’s national security”, said Professor Ben Dor.
Winning the tender became possible thanks to close cooperation between the School of Political Sciences, the office of the university’s President, the office of the Rector, and the Faculty of Social Sciences.

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