Hasbara courses are not unusual in Israeli universities
but previously they have been short courses outside the main programme.
Now Haifa University has launched as a four credit course, ‘Ambassadors
Online: Volunteering, Zionism, Digital Diplomacy’, to be offered
by the University’s Department of Multi-Disciplinary Studies to
prepare students to be unofficial “ambassadors” for Israel
on the Internet.
The lack of the critical approach to be expected of any legitimate university
programme is apparent from the endorsements on the programme’s
home page
which include such propaganda organisations as StandWithUs
and Birthright Israel and also the Ministries of Foreign Affairs and
Public Diplomacy & Diaspora Affairs.
In mounting this programme Haifa University further undermines those
arguments against the Academic Boycott based on the claims that Israeli
universities are independent of the state.

of Haifa’s ‘Cyber Warriors’ will help fight the
delegitimization of Israel using new media
– Haifa Press Release
University launches course in pro-Israel propaganda
– Ben White