The Irish Medical Organisation has declared its solidarity with all healthcare workers in Gaza and called for a ceasefire. No comparable declaration has yet been issued by its counterpart, the British Medical Association. The original statement of the IMO can be found here.



Following the attacks by Hamas on Israel and the subsequent military action by Israel in Gaza, the IMO issued a statement supporting the principles of international law and the protection of civilians in times of armed conflict.

We are deeply concerned at the escalation in the crisis and in particular call for the protection of healthcare facilities and protection of all healthcare personnel who struggle to provide care to patients suffering from the horrors of war. We wish to express our solidarity with doctors and all healthcare workers in Gaza.

We support the efforts of the Irish Government in relation to the seeking of the release of the hostages and a ceasefire in hostilities to protect innocent civilians. As a medical organisation we abhor all forms of violence and conflict as a means of achieving political ends and call for a lasting meaningful peaceful solution.