Arial College (hte College of Judea and Samaria) is built upon stolen
Palestinian land in Arial settlement and is self-proclaimed part of
r-inforcing the settlement project.

It was founded by Bar Ilan University and the Defence Ministry has
never had the support of Israeli Council of Higher Education. The CHE
has refused to recognise it as a university and now the Defence Ministry,
under Labour Leader Ehud Barak, is trying to confer that status.

There is much opposition to that move and BRICUP is calling on all
its supporters to oppose this move and in UCU to enfirce its 2008 Congress
resolution to start the process of Greylisting Arial.

Amal Jamal, the head of political science at Tel Aviv University, said
the upgrade would also highlight the extent to which universities inside
Israel colluded with the West Bank college. “There is strong support
for the college among some academics at Israeli universities, which
co-operate with it in holding conferences, conducting research, supervising
doctoral students and teaching,” he said.

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creates first army-owned’ university
– Jonathan Cook