Israel identifies the BDS movement in general and the academic boycott
in particular as major threats. Ben White has writtenan article describing
these attacks and the false premises they are built on. The Israelis
see their response as a public relations exercise to promote ‘Brand
Israel’ not a poloitical exercise to end the causes of the boycott:
occupation, blockade and the denial of Palestinian rights.

The writers of the anti-boycott documents bizarrely claim “The
BDS movement is well-coordinated (and well-financed)”. We try to
be well co-ordinated but we are very far from well-financed – unlike
organisations like BICOM, the British Israel Committee with sevarl dozen
full-time staff – with your assistance we could be better financed,
please help.

Brand Israel: Israel’s recent propaganda efforts
– Ben White,
The Electronic Intifada, 23 February 2010