Uri Horesh, a lecturer in sociolinguistics at Achva Academic College in southern Israel, was summarily fired for expressing his wish to see an end to the killing in Gaza. This follows reports of numerous Palestinian students and teachers in Israel facing disciplinary charges and suspensions for expressing similar views. Evidently, the so-called nation-state of the Jewish people will allow no one to stand in the way of its latest all-out assault on the 2.25 million Palestinians in Gaza whom it has denied food, water, fuel and medicines since 7 October.

The original of the report in the Turkish gurcek news, reproduced below, can be found here.

Israeli sociolinguist removed from job for his remarks on Israel’s attacks in Gaza

Uri Horesh has said he decided not to return to his country but to travel from New York to the United Kingdom for a stay.

Israeli sociolinguist Uri Horesh on Wednesday announced on social media that he had been suspended from his job in Achva Academic College after voicing his opinions against Israel’s targeting of civilians in Gaza, that more recently his access to college e-mail and other databases was cut off and his name and professional web page removed from the school’s website.

He wrote: “Some of you already know that I was suspended 9 days ago from my college job ‘pending a disciplinary hearing’ for voicing my opinions against the Israeli genocidal actions in Gaza (officially because someone or something interpreted them as ‘support for Hamas’) (…) The hearing never came, but last night, with no warning, my access to college email and other databases was cut off, and my name and professional web page removed from the college server. I was also not sent an appointment letter for the current/upcoming academic year.”

He added: “The initial announcement caught me on the last day of a conference I was attending in NYC. Given that most flights to TLV have been canceled indefinitely, I changed my flight destination to London, and I am currently staying here in the United Kingdom for the time being.”

Anti-war conference in Haifa canceled

As Israeli authorities intensify pressures on dissident voices expressing objection to Israel’s actions in Gaza and voicing concern for the lives of civilians in the Palestinian enclave, an Arab-Jewish conference planned to be held in the city of Haifa was canceled on Thursday after Israeli police warned venue owner of “consequences.”

“The canceled conference intended to call for an immediate end to the war and the removal of civilians from the cycle of violence,” Haaretz’s Jack Khoury said, adding that “the police accused the event of incitement against Israel.”