Professor Alan Gilbert, President
The University of Manchester
Oxford Road
M13 9PL

Dear Prof. Gilbert,

We write to you as Israeli academics and students who are horrified by the destruction of educational establishments in Gaza and the ongoing restrictions imposed by our government on Palestinian students unable to pursue their studies in the West Bank and abroad.

We wish to express our support for students at Manchester University and elsewhere, who are drawing attention to the gross violations of academic and human rights in Gaza. We have seen their list of demands and feel that it is in the interest of an established and reputable university such as Manchester to address their concerns productively and to demonstrate that it is committed to upholding human rights. We strongly believe that without some pressure from outside Israel and without concrete support for Palestinians nothing will change in our part of the world. For us, Manchester students and students across Britain and the US are providing an inspiring example of commitment and decent human compassion, which others should emulate.

We urge you to express solidarity with our beleaguered Palestinian colleagues and to recognize the legitimacy of the students’ concerns in Manchester and elsewhere.


Matan Boord, M.A. student, Haifa University
Dr. Raya Cohen, Tel Aviv University
Adi Dagan, M.A., Historian
Prof. Rachel Giora, Tel-Aviv University
Prof. Eva Jablonka, Tel-Aviv University
Mor Kandlik Eltanani, M.A. student, Tel-Aviv University
Dr. Orly Lubin, Tel-Aviv University
Eilat Maoz, B.A., Tel Aviv University
Dr. Anat Matar, Tel-Aviv University
Dr. David Nir, Physicist
Prof. Adi Ophir, Tel-Aviv University
Dr. Kobi Snitz, Technion, Haifa

Read the motion passed by Manchester students