In an article in Ha’aretz, Yitzhak Laor details the attacks on critical
voices by the managers of Israel’s universities. He writes, “At
universities in Israel, by contrast, this [tenure] procedure is completely
lawless. The university is very sensitive to what is said about it.
It receives a great deal of money, allowing its top people to maintain
quite a hedonistic way of life. And so it likes quiet. And when it gets
into any kind of trouble, it sends one of its two or three Nobel Prize
winners to speak in the name of ‘freedom of research’ or budget increases.
The time has come for somebody to put things in order.”

Laor’s article prompted a vicious attack in the heretic hunting
website which includes “Now as usual when it comes to Israel’s
academic fifth column, the facts are precisely the opposite. Not only
was Azoulay not fired for being a leftist, it seems clear she was only
hired in the first place because she was a
leftist. She simply never produced any serious academic scholarly work
or bona fide research, on whose basis she could have been
awarded tenure. She is the wife of Tel Aviv University’s prominent extremist
leftist professor of philosophy Adi Ophir. You will recall Ophir as
the star of several Israel Apartheid Week events. The simple truth is
that had she not been Ophir’s wife, I think there is serious doubt as
to whether she ever would have been offered any academic post of any
sort in Israel. At Bar-Ilan, she taught something called ‘Hermeneutics.’
I am not quite sure what that is, but I think it has something to do
with neutering people named Herman.”

Proclaiming your ignorance of a centuries old field of study is cavalier
even for a Zionist witch hunter.

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