Stop the Israeli aggression: From Words to Deeds


The leaders of the Western world are wringing their hands in despair at the sight of the horrors inflicted on Gaza. The UN General Secretary, the French President, and other dignitaries are holding intensive discussions with some of the leaders of the Middle-East in an attempt to put an end to the carnage in Gaza. Word, words, words. Meanwhile, hundreds of Palestinian civilians

get killed, thousands are bleeding to death, tens of thousands are uprooted and wandering in vain in search of some shelter to protect them against the slaughtering machinery which haunts them. The Israeli army bombs hospitals and UNRWA relief centers, and, defying any international convention, it uses white phosphorous bombs against civilians. “What else can we do?” these leaders keep asking. Well, here is what you can do: move from words to deeds. Only immediate, decisive, and strict sanctions against the state of Israel and its limitless aggression will make it realize that there’s a limit.

We, the undersigned, Israeli citizens, raise our unflinching voice, calling upon the EU leaders: Use sanctions against the brutal Israeli policies and join the active protests of Bolivia and Venezuela. We appeal to the citizens of Europe: Please attend to the Palestinian Human Rights Organizations’ call and to the call of more than 540 Israeli citizens who support it. Boycott Israeli goods and Israeli institutions; follow operative resolutions such as those of the cities of Athens, Birmingham, and Cambridge (US). This is the only road left. Help us all, Please!

Gish Amit
Prof. Daphna Carmeli (Haifa University)
Prof. Yoram Carmeli (Haifa University)
Dr. Judith Druks (City University, London)
Rona Even
Prof. Rachel Giora (Tel Aviv University)
Dalia Hager
Ala Hlehel
Lana Khaskia
Prof. Vered Kraus (Haifa University)
Yael Lerer
Eilat Maoz
Dr. Anat Matar (Tel Aviv University)
Rela Mazali
Dorothy Naor
Dr. David Nir
Amit Perelson
Jonathan Pollak
Prof. Yehuda Shenhav (Tel Aviv University)
Dr. Kobi Snitz (Technion – Israel Institute of Technology)
Sergio Yahni

For details please contact:

Dr. Anat Matar
+972 72 2511135