Leading US soul singer Macy Gray ignored worldwide requests to cancel
her planned trip to Israel, although she did voice some criticism of
Israeli policy. This was not good enpough for the rabid dogs of Zionism
who filled the comment columns of Ynet with foul abuse, including (apologies
for reproducing this language but it is, on htis ocassion unavoidable:

  • The ugly niggers are joining the Darfurians entering here. All of
    you go away. wedontwantyou
  • Go find whoever is going to shag you you fucking whore. Every piece
    of garbage opens their cunt on us. muslimit
  • David from Safed: She should take all her brothers the Sudanese
    and Eritreans and fuck off here.
  • Another “afro american.” Nice name that the niggers
    made for themselves. Max
  • and so on

report and comments (in Hebrew)

Gray: Please Cancel Your Show in Israel Facebook page