Australian academic boycott campaigner has won an important legal victory
in his struggle against harrassment by Zionist lawfare
organisation Shurat HaDin
. Jake’s legal team has released this statement.

In Federal Court today (24 April), Judge Alan Robertson struck out
those parts of the claim that seek to underpin the factual basis of
the allegations that Prof Jake Lynch has breached the Racial Discrimination

He gave the applicants permission to re-cast those and any other paragraphs
of the claim to rectify the defects of their case.

He ordered the applicants to pay Prof Lynch’s costs of the application
brought to Strike Out the Claim and has given permission for those costs
to be recovered now rather than at the conclusion of the proceedings.

He also ordered that Mr Hamilton and the other applicants undertake
to the court within 21 days to not dispose of or encumber his Australian
assets without notifying Prof Lynch (within 21 days). He will not require
the applicants to establish a fund to secure any cost orders that may
be made against them in the future. However, if that undertaking is
not given he will make orders requiring the applications to give security
for costs.

He has also ordered that the maximum costs, as they occur after 21
February 2014, payable to the successful party will be $300,000, subject
to further order”.

So – the issue has not gone away yet, but on several important legal
points, the day went strongly in our favour. We are pleased and relieved!

It also alters slightly the gradient I am having to tread, in my effort
to keep up with my legal bills – but only slightly. I
still need your support! Any donation you can afford to give would be
enormously helpful.