The Knesset passed its Boycott bill into law on July 11. BRICUP and other pro-Palestinian organisations
have campaigned against the legislation during its
passage through the Knesset as would be expected; it was far less predictable
that a wide range of right-wing and Zionist voices have also denounced
this measure as undemocratic and un-Jewish.

The law will mean that anyone who organises, supports, or even provides
information useful for, a boycott of Israeli or settlement goods wil
jhave to pay a fine The fine willbe paid, not to the state, but to anyone
who claims they are boycotted, whether they can show there was harm
done to them or not.

The measure has also opened an unexpected divide
between arch-advocate Foreign Minister Lieberman and more reluctant
supporter Netanyahu
, a split that spells serioius trouble for the
right wing and ultra-right coalition that rules Israel.

Reactions to the law
Text of the law
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EPACBI – the European Platform for
the Academic and Cultural Boycott of Israel launched

This historic development follows an inspiring meeting of academic
boycott activists from nine European countries in Paris in September.
Even a year ago such a meeting would have been unthinkable; this meeting
demonstrates the widening and deepening of the academic and cultural
boycott movement across Europe.

We have marked this historic event by simultaneous publications of
special editions the BRICUP and AURDIP (the French complement of BRICUP)