Professor Imad al-Barghouthi,Photo by Jamal Mimouni On 24 April Imad al-Barghouthi, Professor of Astrophysics
at Al-Quds University, was again siezed by the Israeli Army and
placed into administrative detention. Professor al-Barghouti has
an international reputation for his work and has been employed
by the US NASA.

He was previously arrested and held without charge in December
2014 but released in January 2015 following by an international
scientific outcry which culminated in a stinging article
in Nature
. BRICUP and our

French partners AURDIP played a leading part in
the campaign to get him released. BRICUP and AURDIP members met
Professor al-Barghouti on their tour of Palestinian
and were impressed by his seriousness and hs
calm resolve to continue to oppose Israeli occupation peacefully
despite the risks to him and his family.

BRICUP and AURDIP are committed to securing his prompt release
again and will be publicising very soon how academics and others
can take action in support.

and BACBI have
to the European Commissioners
asking them to demand that the
Israelis allow international observers to attend Professor Barghouti’s
trial to lessen the risk to his human rights and enhance the prospects
of a fair trial.

of arrest
in Palestine News Network