Students at McGill University in Montreal have been campaigning for
a divestment motion. This attracted the atention of Justin Trudeau.
leader of Canada’s Liberal Party. He claimed the campaign was anti-semitic.

Students and professiors a the university responded furiously condemning
his attack on thier right to campaign in defence of Palestinian rights
and his contempt for free speech.

Canadian students reject Justin Trudeau’s attack on Palestine activism,
free speech
– Electronic Intifada

Noam Chomsky joined other widely respected international scholars in
expressng outrage at Professor Fortier’s, principal and vice-chancellor
of McGill, dismissal of the students’ protest at her condemnation of
their BDS call. There was also a letter of protest from over 50 McGill
professors and a letter from over 300 alumni.

Letters: profs, alumni, Noam Chomsky on Fortier’s BDS statement – McGill