McGraw-Hill, the major US text book publishing
house, has withdrawn, and is destroying all copies of, a political
science textbook , Global Politics: Engaging a Complex World
following objections to a map showing the shrinkage of Palestinian
land from 1946 to the present.

This sequence of maps, which is a graphic representation of successive
Israeli land seizures, has long been the object of Zionist ire
and they have frequently protested at its use.

McGraw-Hill stated, “As soon as we learned about the concerns
with it, we placed sales of the book on hold and immediately

censored maps

initiated an academic review. The
review determined that the map did not meet our academic standards.”
They did not say what the academic standards were or what were
the backgrounds and qualifications of the reviewers and why they
were more qualified than those engaged in the pre-publicatin review

– Inside Higher Ed
Censorship of Palestinian History
, send a letter to McGraw-Hill
– US Campaign to End the Israeli Occupation