NYU chapter of American
Association of University Professors has denounced
the McCarthy
like attacks on ASA decison on academic boycott.

The members of the AAUP chapter at NYU hold a variety of views about
the efficacy of academic boycotts. In recognition of that range of opinion,
we do not support President Sexton’s condemnation of the American
Studies Association’s resolution to boycott Israeli universities.
Faculty have a right to express their own opinions, in whatever form,
about the suppression of freedoms among academics overseas, and a boycott
of institutions is a legitimate exercise of that right. University presidents
who unilaterally issue statements that do not reflect the diversity
of opinion among their faculty are overstepping their office.

However, we do agree with the NYU administration’s response to
the proposed legislation in the New York State Assembly. The bill (A.8392) is a clear and present
threat to basic academic freedoms, not in the Middle East but here in
New York State. Elected officials are seeking to use their fiscal powers
to limit the range of academic expression simply because they disagree
with its content. Passing this legislation would set a very dangerous
precedent, reminiscent, for many of us, of the loyalty oaths of the
McCarthy era.