According to a report from the Ministry of Education in Ramallah, 4,119 students have been killed in Gaza and 37 in the Occupied Palestinian Territories since 7 October 2023. In addition, 221 teachers and administrators have been killed. 381 schools have been bombed and vandalised, and the few remaining are being used to house refugees and therefore unusable as schools. The original report, translated from Arabic, can be found here.

Ramallah 2-1-2024 Wafa –

The Ministry of Education said that 4,156 students have been killed and 7,818 injured since the start of the Israeli aggression on the seventh of October on the Gaza Strip and the West Bank

The Ministry of Education said in a statement on Tuesday that the number of students who were martyred in the Gaza Strip since the beginning of the aggression reached more than 4,119 martyrs, 7,536 wounded, while 37 students were martyred in the West Bank and 282 others were injured, in addition to the arrest of 85

It pointed out that 221 teachers and administrators were killed, 703 were injured in the Gaza Strip, five were injured, and more than 71 were arrested in the West Bank

She pointed out that 278 public schools and 65 affiliated with the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East (UNRWA) were bombed and vandalized in the Gaza Strip, resulting in 83 of them being severely damaged, 7 completely destroyed, and 38 schools in the West Bank were stormed and vandalized

The Ministry of Education confirmed that the Israeli targeting of schools affected 90% of school buildings and government education that were directly and indirectly damaged, in addition to 29% of school buildings that cannot be operated due to total demolition or severe damage, and that 133 public schools were used as shelters in the Gaza St