AURDIP COMMUNIQUÉ – We have just learned that, once again,
the presidency of the University Paris 8/Saint-Denis decided, at the
last moment, to ban a conference, this one entitled Israel apartheid
is real [featuring Max Blumenthal and Bilal Afandi]. The conference
intended to shed light on Israel’s apartheid policy toward the
Palestinian people, a policy that AURDIP itself has constantly condemned.
As a collective of academics, we are outraged by this attack on academic
freedom, the freedom of expression, and the freedom of open debate.
As defenders of human rights and the respect of international law, we
wish to express our deep dismay at the complicit silence that the administration
of the University Paris 8 aims to force upon its students and faculty.
We demand that the president of this university reverse a decision that
can only exacerbate tensions while pretending to calm them.

8 university shuts down ‘Israeli Apartheid is Real’ event
– Mondoweiss