When I was a little girl, I sent my allowance to the Jewish National
Fund to plant trees in Israel in the name of family members. I was told
and passed on stories about an underdog that after centuries of persecution
had finally found refuge in its birthplace only to face a group of greedy,
violent people that had homes on two continents but insisted on denying
my people this tiny strip of land. More anti-Semitism, I thought.

It took only a few months of living in Israel as an undergraduate student
in the late 1990s to discover the lies – or at least key missing
information – from my childhood. When I dug further, I also found
out how much these rewritings of history and of the present had taken
the world captive and rendered some of the most politically and economically
powerful world nations Israel’s great enablers.

the article
by Emily Schaeffer from Israel:
The Only Democracy in the Middle East?