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  1. Jonathan Rosenhead vs Professor Mordechai Kedar, Unity FM, 23 November 2012
          Recording courtesy of Shajahan Miah
  2. Norman Finkelstein public lecture, Logan Hall, London 11 November 2011
  3. Norman Finkelstein discusses BDS with Jonathan Rosenhead, University College London, 11 November 2011
          Finkelstein recordings courtesy of Brian Robinson
  4. Rafeef Ziadah of the Palestinian Boycott National Committee (BNC), 15 October 2011, speaking on the politics behind the BDS campaign at the 5th Boycott Israel Network workshop (BIN5)
          Recording courtesy of Dennis O’Malley
  5. Naomi Wimbourne-Idrissi on BBC Any Answers 3 September 2011, after the disruption of the Israel Philharmonic’s Prom concert
          Recording courtesy of Dennis O’Malley
  6. BRICUP eve of UCU congress meeting 27 May 2008: Kamel Hawwash, Haim Brasheeth and two Palestinian students.
  7. Samia al Botmeh of PACBI in conversation with Mike Cushman on 27 April 2008
  8. An Arab Israeli FE lecturer and UCU member talking about her experience of abuse as a student at Tel Aviv University
  9. Lisa Taraki of PACBI speaking at Lambeth College on 25 April 2008