CST Thugs Violently Eject 2 Jewish People from Zionist ‘Environmental‘ Meeting

Two Jewish activists were physically ejected from a Zionist Federation meeting at the Institute of Education in central London on Tuesday evening when they tried to raise questions about the impact of Israel’s illegal occupation on the Palestinian environment and water resources.

The two activists, supporters of the British Committee for the Universities of Palestine (BRICUP) and Jews for Boycotting Israeli Goods (J-BIG), paid for tickets to attend the ZF event at which three leading Israeli scientists gave presentations about the importance of underground aquifers in desert regions, the impact of aerosol emmissions on rainfall, and the environmental challenges facing Israel and it’s neighbours.

Outside the meeting, dubbed ‘Israel blue, white and green,’ protesters mobilised by BRICUP & J-BIG, handed out leaflets and displayed placards with slogans — e.g., Israel Pollutes Palestinian Land, Israel destroys Palestinian trees, Israel Steals Palestinian Water; Israel blue, white and toxic.

During questions, the first activist asked for clarification about several issues: Israel’s role in depleting the Mountain Aquifer which is the main source of water for Palestinians in the Occupied West Bank, effluent discharged from Israeli settlements onto occupied Palestinian land and the disastrous impact of Israel’s attack on the Gaza Strip in December 2008/Jan 2009 on sewage treatment plants and drinking water resources.As soon as the gist of his questions became clear, the audience began jeering and the chair of the meeting told him to stop. He was carried out bodily by members of the Community Security Trust (CST) and denied re-entry. Speaking from the platform, Professor Yehouda Enzel made the irrelevant assertion that Palestinians would not be able to afford to draw water from the Mountain Aquifer.

The keynote speaker, Dr Miriam Haran, made the baffling claim that Palestinians in the West Bank were discharging their effluent on the settlement towns, which were too small to make any environmental impact. She did not explain how their population of more than 400,000 could be so innocent — indeed, how their hilltop settlements could be environmental victims of Palestinian towns in the valleys.

After several innocuous questions from the audience, the chair made a point of selecting a final questioner while ignoring the second activist in the hall. Naomi Wimborne-Idrissi, secretary of J-BIG, called on the meeting to deal with further questions about Israel’s denial of fair access to water for Palestinians, as outlined in Amnesty International’ s 2009 report from the Israel-Occupied Palestinian Territories. She too was physically dragged out of the meeting.

Once again, the Community Security Trust, which claims to protect the Jewish community, have proved themselves to be bouncers for the Zionist Federation, denying freedom of speech to Jews who challenge the ZF whitewash of Israel.

Later one of the ejected questioners added:

I phoned the Institute of Education today to complain about the treatment the man and I received. The person in charge of conference arrangements, MW, was extremely solicitous, apologised twice “for your treatment on our premises”, asked me to write him a report of the events as I perceived them, said what he’s heard from staff indicated that “the level of restraint used was inappropriate for the situation”, that as a commercial venue the IoE tries to be “even-handed” but that they “will think hard about allowing that organisation to hold an event involving public debate again”.

MW said that the CST’s presence was “fairly routine” for Jewish events at the Institute, but they had never experienced anything like last night. He said they had been aware even before BRICUP’s letter came in that the event had the potential to be controversial but he was clearly shocked at what had occurred. He had been called in personally, after I was thrown out, to help staff cope. He said he had seen me being hustled out of the building, though I did not know who he was at the time. He was shocked again when I told him they had tried to eject me from the building altogether, without my coat. (The man had been forced to sit on a chair in the foyer just outside the Logan Hall rather than being frog-marched up the stairs as I was). I refused, reminding them that they didn’t own the whole IoE. A police officer went downstairs to pick up my coat and bag.

Bellamy was a no-show

From the Jewish Chronicle

TV Botanist David Bellamy pulled out of an appearance at the Zionist Federation’s annual environment seminar, days after an anti-Israel group said he should be “outraged” by the event.

Prof Bellamy was scheduled to be guest speaker at the Israel Blue White and Green events on Tuesday, but withdrew offering no explanation for his absence.

At the event, almost 1,000 sixth form pupils and university students were briefed by leading Israeli scientists. [Bricup states this is an unvalidated claim – the evening meeting had about 70 people in a hall holding 700]

Last week the British Committee for the Universities of Palestine (Bricup) wrote to Prof Bellamy saying: “We are outraged, and think you ought to be too, at the prospect of Israel presenting itself as a champion of environmentalist virtues.”

Photos from the picket