Haifa and Tel Aviv Universities are offering course in hasbara for Israeli and International students respectively. Hasbara is the
name Israelis give to propaganda and disinformation in defence of Israel
and the Occupation.

While many courses in many universities worldwide can be accused of
bias these ae unusual in overtly teaching the skills of distortion and
lying. Trainers on the courses include: Mark Regev, famous worldwide
for defending the indefensible and saying what is convenient rather
than what is accurate; and Neil Lazarus who promoted a video falsely
claiming tha tteh Gaza Flotilla was homophobic. The Tel Aviv course
is supported by Stand with Us an extremist pro-Israel US group
associated with Islamophobic funders.

This is yet more evidence of why Israeli Universities should be boycotted:
they do not promote the values of disinterested enquiry expected of
any university.

universities becoming Hasbara mills
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