Ohio State Undergraduate Student Government Judicial Panel has invalidated
OSUDivest‘s petitions
for inclusion on the ballot through a technicality that has been unevenly
applied to others on the ballot and has no bearing on the integrity
of the signatures we collected or the integrity of the upcoming USG

The disqualification of our initiative from tomorrow’s ballot is an
attack on the more than 3,000 student voices that asked for this initiative
to receive a fair hearing from our student body. That the Judicial Panel
of USG delayed until the absolute, last possible moment to tell us about
a perceived irregularity in our petitions, so that we had no time at
all to defend ourselves or appeal the decision suggests this is not
about technical violations of USG bylaws, but instead about a concerted
effort to stop OSU students from voting on divestment.

organised by OSUDivest

In a further move against supporters of Palestinian Rights the USG
JP have informed the three Palestinian candidates for USG positions
that they would also be removed for the ballot. The reason given by
the JP was that they had not included their signatures on their nominating
petitions, although they had already received approval to be on the
ballot. Given the context of the decision, it clearly appears to be
both retaliatory and discriminatory.