Adalah, the Legal Centre for Arab
Minority Rights in Israel, has published a report drawing attention
to 10 new pieces of legislation – 5 newly-enacted laws and
5 currently-proposed bills – before the Knesset. This new
legislation contains discriminatory and/or anti-democratic provisions
that are liable to severely harm the human rights of Palestinian
citizens of Israel and Palestinians living in the 1967 Occupied
Palestinian Territory (OPT), as well as those who related to the
latest, ongoing round of violence in Israel and the OPT that

UoT GSA building

began in late September
2015; and legislation targeting human rights organizations and
supporters of the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions movement.

The measures include a new
anti-boycott bill
which will ban ‘BDS advocates’ from entering
Israel and territories under its control. This will bar many academics
from meeting thier colleagues in Palestinian universities and
further isolate Palestinian higher education.


Adalah database
of discriminatory laws