IJAN, the International Jewish Anti-zionist Network has just published
a detailed analysis of the individuals and foundations that are financing
anti-Palestinian activity in the US, on campuses and elsewhere. The
120 page report includes five case studies on how disruption of campus
campaigns were financed and organised; how donors pressurised universities;
and the disinformatoin spread to undermine legitimate campaigns.

The report, which synthesizes thousands of pages of tax returns, demonstrates
that a small handful of individuals, including right-wing donors Sheldon
Adelson, the Koch Brothers, Newton and Rochelle Becker, the Sarah Scaife
foundation and the Bradley foundation are responsible for a huge
portion of this funding. These same donors, many of whom earned
their wealth from or are invested in industries that profit from war
and instability in the Middle East, are involved in attacks on other progressive

the executive summary and full report