Overwhelming support for Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions

UCU debated 5 motions on Palestine at its Congress and passed them
all overwhelmingly. One motion was ruled invalid. This was not because
the union leadership wanted to frustrate Congess but because they were
under a well organised and funded legal attack by boycott opponents
(and, by implication, massacre apologists). The Union is committed
to encouragoing discussion of the BDS call in branches and to an calling
an international trade union conference on the implementation of BDS

UCU congress
decisons on Palestine
(see motions 24-29)
Read the BRICUP press release
Salute to our
British Partners
: a message from PACBI
PressTV report on
the Congress decisions (YouTube)
Read the boycott
opponents’ report of the debate
(posted here without, and beyond,
BRICUP leaflet on
Israeli University complicity

Message from Professor
Rachel Giora
, Tel Aviv University to BRICUP
A day in my life – thoughts
on non-violent Jewish resistance
: a message from a Jewish Israeli