The 2014 Annual Congress of the University and College Union Scotland
Congress (UCU Scotland) unanimouslyvoted on 28 March to condemn the
planned visit by Israeli war criminal Tzipi Livni.  The Israeli
politician was given a rare diplomatic passport by the UK Government
in 2011 specifically to protect her from the risk of arrest and prosecution
for complicity in Israeli war crimes.  Livni is planning to speak
at a provocative Nakba Day meeting of the JNF (Jewish National Fund)
at a secret central London venue on Thursday 15th May.  UCU Scotland
Congress called on Theresa May to refuse Livni entry to the UK. The
JNF purchases land which it will then not allow Palestinians to purchase
or live on. They are heavily involved in current efforts to dispossess
the Bedouin of the Negev.

your name to the call to Theresa May