A delegation of senior British trade unionist who visited Palestine
in April 2011 have issued a statement deploring the attacks on Palestinian
rights that they witnessed includng the spread of illegal settlements;
forced evictions; arbitrary detentions; and attacks on civil society

They called on the the TUC to ” re-emphasise its support for the
BDS position by writing to all national centres – including Histradut
and the PGFTU – with a copy of the 2010 motion. The TUC should call
again on all its affiliates and allies to maximise their efforts in
pursuit of establishing a pro-BDS position in the European and Global
Union Federations. The TUC should also raise the issue with the European
TUC by calling on it to support the international BDS campaign and pressing
the EU institutions to end the EU-Israel regime of trade privileges
until the situation is resolved.”

the delegation’s statement